In The Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Palette Review

The Balm In The Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Palette Review

If you’re not familiar with the makeup brand, The Balm, you really should be. Their packaging is fantastic, incorporating a 50’s “pin-up/comic book” era with hilarious tongue-and-cheek catch phrases. It’s always a treat pulling their products out of the vanity. Within the last year or so The Balm came out with a “greatest hits” Volume 1 palette that encompassed all of their best-selling products in one palette. Genius. Slow clap to the designer. If you’re interested in reading my full In The Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Palette Review (say that 10 times fast) grab a coffee, a snack, and continue reading. Continue reading “In The Balm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 1 Palette Review”

Cargo Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette Review

Cargo Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette ReviewWhile in TJ Maxx the other day I found a rare makeup treasure. $9.99 for a regular $34 – Cargo Cosmetics eyeshadow palette with 12 shades. It’s a steal, so I picked it up excitedly and rushed my buggy to the checkout counter. With a crazed twinkle in my eye, I sped home to further examine my prize. I carefully unwrapped and unboxed my palette. Opened it to glory – angels were singing in the background and the world was peaceful for that very second. For the full Cargo Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette Review, with links to my other interesting articles, please continue reading. Continue reading “Cargo Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette Review”

Esqido False Lash Review

Esqido False Lash ReviewIf you’re a fan of makeup, then false lashes is your next step to greatness. They can transform a look from “nice” to “wow” in 4 minutes or less. You tell me another makeup product that can do that! So, when I got my hands on the Esqido mink lashes, you know I had to test them out for y’all. What’s the final verdict? Keep reading my Esqido False Lash Review to find out.

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Luxury Makeup at Below Drugstore Prices!

Buying high-end makeup at bargain prices is my favorite way to shop. Browsing online stores like eBay (20% off discount code below) and other discount stores are not only fun (well not if you’re losing) but also saves a ton of money. Let’s face it, $300 of luxury makeup won’t get you far, especially from brands like Givenchy, Charlotte Tilbury, and Natasha Denona. If you have the time, a sense of humor, and a little know-how, you can get authentic products for pennies on the dollar. Continue reading to find out how to buy Luxury Makeup at Below Drugstore Prices!  Continue reading “Luxury Makeup at Below Drugstore Prices!”

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Makeup Junkies

Shopping for others can be very tricky, especially during the holidays. We’ve all been there. With the help of a few of our friends and a LOT of Starbucks coffee, I’ve devised a list that is sure to make the makeup junkie in your life VERY happy this Christmas season. Keep reading for our top 5 gift ideas for the makeup junkie.  Continue reading “Top 5 Gift Ideas for Makeup Junkies”