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It’s been a whirlwind few weeks and with it, a lack of makeup reviews and beauty posts. No fear though, everything will be back up and running normally next week. We had new wood floors installed in our new house last week to replace carpet. I also had a few instances of piggy sabotage. Meaning, he chewed through my new microphone cord. I filmed 3 separate videos and couldn’t figure out why the sound wasn’t working…it was Amos.

Anyway, I explain everything in the video, while also unboxing an awesome Sephora purchase. Samples included! Full, detailed review coming up on this product next week.

Ready for Spring? Top 5 Colorful Favorites

By a show of hands, who’s tired of cold, grey weather? 🙋🏻‍♀️Honestly, I think most people in the north American hemisphere feel the same way. I’m ready for Birkenstock temperatures (for me that’s anything over 10℉) but what I really mean is warm, sunny, and comfortable. Riding in the car with the music turned up and the windows down – weather. If you’re ready for Spring, check out my top 5 colorful favorites that will raise your mood and energy levels. By the way, they’re cheap too.


Ready for Spring? Top 5 Colorful Favorites

  1. Porcelain Rose Earrings: I found these on Amazon for $12 and bought them immediately. How cute and gloriously dainty! They are handmade in the USA of genuine porcelain and come in 3 colors; soft pink, soft lilac, and white. I bought them in pink.
  • For styling, I’m pairing them with a striped, linen button-down blouse casually tucked into dark skinny jeans, and brown gladiator sandals.
  • For makeup, soft and feminine with a metallic, pastel-pink POP of color on the inner corner of the eyes.

2.  Pink, Mauvy Eyeshadow Palette: Speaking of pink pops of color, the Think Pink eyeshadow palette from Coastal Scents is $12.95 and phenomenal quality! It has everything you need for a complete look; matte transition colors, dark matte shade for the outer corner, and metallic shimmers to bring attention to the lids. You can’t go wrong with anything from Coastal Scents.

3.  Vibrant Nail Polish: These are the 4 shades that inspired the makeup look above. They’re bright, feel-good polish colors that grab your attention, while still being appropriate for work and school. Collins Ave. is the fun, coral shade, Life Gave Me Lemons is the yellow, Can’t Find My Czechbook is the blue, and Funny Bunny is the creamy white. $10 each isn’t bad either.

4. Palm Leaf Top: I love everything Palm. This off-the-shoulder top from Romwe is perfect for warm spring days while still bringing a fashionable edge. Sizing is a one-size-fits-most and it’s $11.99.

5.  Succulent Hair Accessories: I asked both of my daughters the same question. “When you think of Spring, what are some clothes/jewelry/makeup things you think of?” They both said flower crowns instantly. While I do love flower crowns on young girls, it’s not really popular for women over say, 25. Hair succulents, however, are cute for women of all ages and quite a conversation piece. They are available on ETSY for about $25 each. If you have a Hobby Lobby and a hot glue gun near by, you can make these with no problem.

Ok, that makes up my Top 5 Colorful Favorites items for Spring! I hope you found this fun, helpful, and informative. Comment below what you would like to buy. Maybe there will be a Giveaway in the future? 😏

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Daily Nuggets:

      • We’ve decided on a name for our new cat…Kit Gary Gandalf Harrington aka Gort.
      • The lipstick color I’m wearing in the photo above is Makeup Geek Plush Matte is Bachlorette and Smarty Pants. The Eyeshadow is Makeup Geek Lemon Drop and Morocco.
      • Amos is the official Uhapi Beauty Mascot! He was a bit underwhelmed when I told him the good news. May be a case of the Mondays…

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