Acne is an unfortunate occurrence that only the lucky ones grow out of. For the rest of us, I want to share some common sense tips I’ve learned over the years. These are cost effective, idiot-proof tricks that you can try at home to help improve or eliminate your adult acne.

1. Don’t over clean your skin.
Skin that is stripped of its natural oils is more likely to over produce sebum to compensate for the loss.

2. Ladies (and some men) wear your hair pulled back at night.
Your hair absorbs environmental pollutants throughout the day. If you sleep on your hair, even for a little while, your skin will absorb it.

3. Don’t use toners or harsh cleansers on a daily basis.
Many toners and cleansers contain ingredients such as alcohol and benzoyl peroxide, which dries out your skin. Skin will become dehydrated and eventually begin to peel. Not a good look if you need to wear makeup over it!

4. Exfoliate, gently.
Once a week is all you need. Exfoliating with a product, such as a BufPuf removes dead skin that could get caught in pores. Exfoliating helps moisturizers and anti-aging serums absorb better into the skin. It also makes you have a healthy and youthful glow. However; Don’t get over excited! You’re not waxing a car. Use gentle, circular motions.

5. Hands Off!
Don’t touch your face with your hands. Period.

6. Change your pillowcase twice a week.
You spend roughly 56 hours on your pillowcase per week. I don’t know about you, but I change my underwear at least half of that.

7. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Smoking cigerettes and poor diet are two huge things that can make your complexion a mess. Your body excretes the nutrients you feed it. Try eating a healthy, balanced diet and you will see a difference.

8. Sweat the crap out. Rehydrate
Get a little exercise. It doesn’t have to be daily to see a difference in your complexion. Just a little sweat pushes those toxins out of your body. Make sure to drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

9. Clean your makeup brushes.
Your makeup brushes need to be cleaned at least once per week. Below is a list of brushes that should be cleaned:


10. Throw out the sponge applicators.
Makeup sponges absorb nearly all of the product. If you use an expensive department store foundation, you are throwing away money! Not only do sponges waste the makeup, but it sits inside the sponge and grows harmful bacteria.

Makeup brushes are a cleaner and cheaper alternative. They are also better for your skin, make your cosmetics last longer, and make the product have a more professional finish. However; makeup brushes, especially quality brands can be an expensive investment. Do your research. They can last for many years if they are maintained. That alone will save you massive amounts of money in the long run.



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