Becca has been one of my most loved brands for many years. What’s not to love? Their Shimmering Skin Perfectors are what dreams are made of and cater to every skin-tone under the sun. I’ve featured them in several articles and consider them to be Holy Grail items. So, when they came out with this Becca First Light Face Primer, I had to try it.

Becca First Light Face Primer Review

The primer retails for $38 and is available here, at your local Sephora/, or the Becca website. It comes in a beautiful, frosted glass bottle that shows the lilac, liquideous contents. The bottle is the same 1 oz. size as other shimmering skin perfector liquids.

Like all other makeup products that I buy, I research and read other’s opinion. Reviews online are overall positive although there were some that complained about the smell. So, when I first applied a few pumps to the back of my hand I was expecting a rush of lemony fragrance similar to Lysol, which is what some reviewers were saying. I couldn’t disagree more! In fact, the fragrance is so slight, it’s hardly noticeable. The fragrance is fresh and pleasant. Not at all offensive in my opinion.

When rubbed out onto my face, it glides on effortlessly and soaked into my skin right away. It was quite luminous at first, but toned down within 30 seconds. I didn’t notice any reduction or blurring of pores, lines, or wrinkles. When worn under my Laura Mercier foundation, I didn’t notice any difference in wear time, improvement in overall complexion, or flawlessness. There was no remarkable change.

Where the product exceeded expectations was during flash photography. The skin has a “glow from within” sheen to it without looking fake and over highlighted. I looked healthy, youthful, and radiant. I did notice blurred pores, lines, and wrinkles also, but unless you’re walking around your day-to-day with a strobe on your face, this will do nothing for you. I’m sorry to say, but I was a little let down with this product.

Overall, it’s a decent product for flash photography, but if you’re looking for a life-changing primer that blurs imperfections, look elsewhere.

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  2. I lost all my most of my makeup and professional makeup kits in a flood August 2016. We also lost our home.
  3. Being a “Beauty Blogger” is the best job I’ve ever had. I truly love trying out new makeup and writing my honest thoughts about them. It’s not a glamorous job and I don’t have a ton of followers, but that’s ok. If one person reads it and gets great info, I’m happy!


    • Thanks so much! I hear the Backlight Priming Filter gives more of a dewy glow than this one. I’m tempted to try that one as well! xo


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