Best anti-frizz productI hadn’t heard of the company until a few months ago when Dr. Boyce Clark was featured on our local news segment in Baton Rouge, LA. Lubricity Labs uses naturally derived ingredients to transform your frizzy locks into sleeker, more manageable hair in 2 easy steps, but does it really work? I put this product to the test with my 12-year-old daughter’s thick, corkscrew-curly hair with some surprising results.

Best Anti-Frizz Product? Lubricity Labs Review

Lubricity Labs was created by Dr. Boyce Clark, a PhD Biogeochemist, using high-quality biocompatible proteins. The products are GMO-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and contain no sulfates or animal products. It is safe for all hair types, including color-treated and chemical-treated hair. My $100 package came with 4 items total: 1 – 4 ounce bottle of Step 1 Penetrate Express, 1 – 4 ounce bottle of Step 2 Encapsulate Express, 1 – tip applicator, and 1 – clear plastic shower cap.

I started off by sectioning my daughter’s clean, freshly blow-dried hair and began applying Step 1. Directions say to saturate each strand completely within each section, then comb out for even distribution. The consistency of the liquid is clear and watery with a very faint chemical smell. I wasn’t sure if 4 ounces would be enough since my daughter has extremely thick hair, but to my delight it was plenty. I actually had half the bottle left, but I used it all, as directed. I applied the shower cap and let her sit for 15 minutes before starting Step 2.

Best anti-frizz product

Step 2 was much of the same, however the consistency is very much like thin conditioner with a slight lemon scent. I coated each section liberally, then again applied the shower cap for an additional 15 minutes. When time was up, I rinsed her hair with cool water. She then blow-dried her hair again and I photographed the results. No other products or styling products were used.

Best anti-frizz product

Overall, I am very impressed with the transformation. Her hair has always been high maintenance, especially when it’s time to straighten with a flat-iron. This system has cut her styling time in half. Her hair lays well, is shinier, and she looks more pulled together – with the least amount of effort. The 2 step process took about 1.5 hours from start to finish, not including dry time.

The cost is moderate to high, in my opinion, but worth the splurge if the results are maintained. I will be providing updates and discount codes on my FaceBook and Instagram posts, so follow me there if you haven’t already. If you’re interested in purchasing the Lubricity Labs kit, click the link here.

This post is not sponsored and the Lubricity Labs kit was purchased with my own money.




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