A few weeks ago I made a quick trip to my local Target and was delighted to find several No7 cosmetics drastically reduced in price. I had to try out one of Lisa Eldridge designed eyeshadow palettes, Stay Perfect Perfection Continue shadow palettes in #20 Good Earth and #05 Space Odyssey.


My first impression of these two palettes were mixed. The colors are sheer, which isn’t what I was expecting. Lately, all of the makeup brands are going for the most amount of pigmentation and largest color payoff. Companies with the highest concentration of color usually wins. However, these palettes are very different. The formula is much more buildable with the least amount of fall-out. They are some how more sophisticated and luxurious than the usual drugstore brand. The ingredients and color combination are well thought out as well. I’ll start off with Good Earth:

IMG_1287 A description of the three colors starting from the top: Matte pinky cream/ a shiny mink/ and a warm satin brown. These colors are very sheer, but remind me very much of the Burberry eyeshadow range. This is Lisa Eldridge in a palette! I could see here wearing these colors a lot since she designed them based on her own personal style. These are all swatched without an eyeshadow base.


The next palette is Space Odyssey. These are a gorgeous range for a sexy smokey eye! OMG. Notice it is broken on one side. I bought it like that because it was clearance priced.


A description of these three colors starting from the top: High shine cool silver color/ warm metallic gold champagne/ shiny deep gun metal grey. This one is my overall favorite simply because I received the most compliments from my husband. When he notices my makeup (in a good way), I tally that as win!


I bought these for $3.00 on clearance at Target so I consider that a steal! I would compare these to ANY premium designer brand on the market. 2 grams net weight of product. I’m not sure if these are still being sold at Target stores but they are still sold on their website for $7.99 each. Click here!


    • The colors in the Lancome Audacity palette are very similar to the No. 7 shades. They were both designed by Lisa Eldridge (creative director) though Lancome is much more expensive. You can find it on Ebay for much cheaper. XO – Hope this helps


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