Cover Fx has been stepping up their highlight game for the past few years now. So, when I saw they came out with a highlight palette that had 2 creams and 2 powders, I pounced on it. The Perfect Light Highlight Palette is available in 2 shades – 1 for light to medium skin tones and the other for medium to dark skin tones. These are available at Sephora for $42 or check the link below. Continue reading for the full nitty gritty.

Cover FX Perfect Light Highlight Palette

If you’re familiar with Cover Fx Custom Enhancer Drops, these are homogenous in name, but toned down slightly and a bit more wearable during the day. Their color names range from Moonlight to Celestial and fits perfectly with the finish and glow. Unlike the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Palette (link to that review here) you don’t get the beaming-from-space, starlight brightness from this palette, and I kinda dig it for that.

When I first swatched these out, I was taken aback by the softness of the creams and almost clumpy remnants they left behind. After I blended it out (which took a little rubbing) the finish was really beautiful and natural looking, but I did worry at first. The powders however, were buttery smooth and went on without any effort.

One thing I appreciate from Cover Fx is their ability to create products for people with skin issues, such as discoloration, scars, acne, etc. They hit it out of the park with this palette! I have acne scarring and pores on my right cheek and the highlight powders AND creams didn’t emphasize or exaggerate at all.

I put this Cover FX Perfect Light Highlight Palette through the ringer for 3 weeks now and am very impressed with all aspects. Wear-time was reasonable with activity and temperature throughout the day and averaged  7 – 10 hours. The price range is a little high for my liking, but for a highlight that doesn’t define pores and scars, I’m sold. The palette packaging is sturdy cardboard, which is great for travel, especially with the nice mirror inside. The wearability hits the mark with the perfect amount of bling without being annoying. Overall, this Cover FX Perfect Light Highlight Palette is great and I encourage my peeps to give it a try for your daily highlight needs.


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