Dark Chocolate Caramel Bark


1 – 12 oz. bag Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers

1 – cup slivered almonds, chopped

1 – cup Caramel bits, chopped

1/2 – cup Ghirardelli White Chocolate Bar – shredded

1 – Tablespoon course Sea Salt (or to taste)

1/2 – Tablespoon Vegetable Oil (optional)

Parchment Paper


  • Slowly melt dark chocolate with vegetable oil in double boiler or microwave safe bowl.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Bark

  • While the chocolate is sitting, chop almond slivers and add to a bowl.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Bark

  • Chop up caramel bits and add to separate bowl.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Bark

  • Shred bits of white chocolate bars and add to another separate bowl.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Bark

  • When dark chocolate is fully melted, add to parchment paper and smooth evenly with spoon or spatula.
  • Immediately add caramel bits, white chocolate shavings, then finally the almond slivers.
  • Pack down lightly with spatula or tap down on counter.
  • Top with coarse sea salt to taste and put in refrigerator for 10 minutes.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Bark

  • Remove from refrigerator and break apart in uneven pieces.
  • Add to festive dish or tin and you’re done! I hope you enjoy this beautiful and delicious dessert!

Thank you so much for viewing this dark chocolate caramel bark recipe! I sincerely hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday with lots of love and joy.


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