If you would like to know which products make Kim Kardashian look so beautiful, you might be interested in this video. The makeup artist in video 1 is Samantha Chapman, better known by her youtube name Pixiwoo. Samantha and her sister Nicola are professional working freelance makeup artist in the UK. These women are very talented and through their channel, teach women all over the world how to achieve makeup looks inspired by celebrities, as well as runway trends for the top fashion houses. If you don’t already know who they are then you will be in for a treat!

Makeup tutorial number 2 is a Kim Kardashian look inspired by a specific photoshoot. This video is my personal favorite because it emphasizes the feminine cat eye.

This makeup artist, known on youtube as MissChievous, is self taught but just as talented as some of the best. She is a German born, Canadian citizen that currently lives in Switzerland. She is great!


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