After mostly rave reviews on Youtube, I enthusiastically ordered the L.A. Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation from For $7.92, the brand claims 8-hour wear time, luminous finish, paraben-free formula, and medium to full coverage. Nearly 1 month has gone by since this first arrived at my doorstep and I finally have a definitive opinion on this foundation.

L.A. Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation Review

I undeniably despise this foundation, completely and totally. Not just because it doesn’t perform like it is supposed to (because it doesn’t) but because these makeup companies pay influential Youtubers and bloggers to lie about it. Yes, it’s the truth and I cannot be convinced otherwise.

I ordered the shade Fair, which is the lightest shade besides White in the 16 shade range. I applied a light layer over my face with a damp Beauty Blender, then followed with concealer and powder. The finish is very luminous on the skin and never really set like typical foundations do, so powder is a must. The foundation oxidizes immediately to a shade that is 2 – 3 shades too dark for my skin tone. So, I went online and ordered the White shade as well.

When the new shade came in, I mixed the 2 (fair and white) for the perfect, customized match. I used the same application – foundation, concealer, powder – then evaluated everything in the mirror. There was some oxidation, but nothing severe. However, the build-up around the corner of my nose and settlement into fine lines was horrendous. As the day wears on, things only got worse. Here is what it looks like on the back of my hand.

The next day I decided to try it again using a foundation brush. One side with Real Techniques buffing brush and the other with a Sephora Pro Airbrush. One is very dense, while the other is quite fluffy. The finish on both sides were streaky, accentuated pores, and built up around my hair line. My final attempt was using my hands to apply. While it did seem to blend better than with brushes, it still was not better than the Beauty Blender. I’ve given up.

Overall, this was a huge fail and even bigger disappointment. These will be going in the garbage. Have you tried this foundation and liked it? Tell me your opinion and how you applied it for best results. Thanks for reading!

Daily Nuggets:

  1. One of my all-time favorite “ice-cream” is made by Yasso and it’s actually frozen yogurt.
  2. Have you ever wondered how cereals get their names? Grape Nuts, Trix, and Life – who thinks up this stuff?
  3. My youngest daughter is teaching herself to play violin. She’s really doing great too!


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