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Simple Tips to Prevent Breakouts

I can vividly remember fighting serious breakouts in my late teens and early twenties. Most were hormonal breakouts or caused from environmental triggers, like smoking cigarettes. However, when I started making subtle, no-brainer changes, I really started seeing dramatic changes in my skin. If you’re interested in learning a few simple tips to prevent breakouts, continue reading. Links to valuable products can be found below as well.

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Makeup Inspiration and Looks to Try

Every now then it’s good to get inspired and these amazing makeup artists always have their creative juices flowing. I’ve included looks by Linda Hallberg, Jordan Hanz, and Heather Sokolum, as well as several other artists I couldn’t find information on. Regardless of the names, these ladies and men are never afraid to push boundaries and think outside-the-box. Enjoy!

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Makeup Vanity with Mirror – Ideas for Adults

Makeup Vanity with Mirror

As an adult, I love to have a designated space to apply my makeup. I can take time in the morning, drink my coffee, and enjoy the process of primping. It’s therapeutic. Finding a right-sized vanity for an adult with the perfect amount of storage (that doesn’t break the bank) is hard to find. Many of the choices are too small or made for pre-teens. I’ve found 5 PERFECT choices that I think are perfect for adults and will look great with grown-up decor.

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Makeup Brands Made in China

Are some of the makeup brands in your vanity made in China? For nearly 99% of all makeup enthusiasts, the answer is YES. With recent news of asbestos and toxic metals in makeup manufactured in China, it is important now more than ever to be an educated consumer. I’ve researched and devised a list of brands that uses all or most of their ingredients from China. Some of these brands may surprise you!

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Is Jeffree Star a Boy?

Jeffree Star satanist

Jeffrey Steininger, better known as Jeffree Star, is a Youtube content creator, singer, and founder of Jeffree Star cosmetics. He became popular in the early 2000’s on the media platform MySpace for posting controversial pictures of himself in bright and bold makeup. People often wonder if Jeffree Star was born a male or had sexual reassignment surgery. I’ve done some digging to find out. Is Jeffree Star a Boy? Let’s look at the evidence.

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