Make Up For Ever Neutral Flash Palette ReviewI could not be more excited to pick up this palette. It’s absolutely beautiful and the quality is unbeatable. For the last few month, this palette has been sold out in stores and on I called the store a few days ago and they said they had it in stock. I think my tires squealed going out of the driveway.

The top shade colors are as follows from left to right: Grey, Neutral Brown, Purple Grey, Rosewood, Dark Antique Pink, Ivory

Make Up For Ever Neutral Flash Palette reviewThe bottom shades are as follows from left to right: Livid, Kaki, Pink Brown, Fresh Pink, Sienna, Rusty Brown

Make Up For Ever Neutral Flash Palette reviewWhen I first saw this palette, it reminded me exactly of a zombie wheel. A zombie wheel, similar to a bruise wheel, is a makeup palette created for the sole purpose of zombie style makeup. I loved that idea. When I opened it up and started playing with the colors, I realized that this palette is way more versatile. The colors can be used as blushes, eyeliner, lipsticks, eyeshadows, bases- there’s a million possibilities. I will say that my computer make the colors more vibrant than they are. In person, the shades are a bit more muted.

The pigmentation is what you would expect from Make Up For Ever. Professional quality formula meant for real makeup artist. This stuff is the real deal. You also pay for the quality at $99 per palette. The lady at Sephora told me she owns the original MUF Flash palette and uses it relentlessly.

The palette she was referring to is filled with mainly primary colors including metallic silver and gold. Since I’m a sucker for reviews, I picked it up too. I’ll be doing a separate review on it. She deserves her own post.

Make Up For Ever Neutral Flash Palette reviewBoth palettes were made in Belgium and have a lot of product per 1 x 1 inch square. Roughly 70 grams total of creamy pigmentation. A little goes a long way.

These are the palettes together for reference.

Make Up For Ever Neutral Flash Palette reviewBelow are the swatches thanks to the Sephora community page:

Make Up For Ever Neutral Flash Palette review

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