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Viseart Theory Minx II Palette Review

Viseart eyeshadows are known throughout the beauty community for being a high performance, high quality product. Typically, they come in a clear-faced plastic palette with 12 shadows, but more recently they released 5 smaller Theory palettes that consist of 6 pop-out shadows with a less expensive *$45 vs. $80* price point. The Viseart Theory Minx II is the only palette available in Sephora stores at the moment and the one that was MOST appealing to me and my current (and let’s be honest…lazy) makeup style. So, how does this palette stand up to its predecessor? Continue reading “Viseart Theory Minx II Palette Review”

Kevyn Aucoin Diamond Eye Gloss Review

Kevyn Aucoin Diamond Eye Gloss ReviewI am a huge fan of the current “wet look” eyeshadow trend that is going on right now. So, when I found the Kevyn Aucoin Eye Gloss while browsing Amazon the other day, I jumped on it. It came with a hefty $38 price tag for 0.19 ounces, but since I have always really enjoyed products from this brand, it was worth the risk. If you are interested in reading my full review, please continue reading. Continue reading “Kevyn Aucoin Diamond Eye Gloss Review”

Cover FX Perfect Light Highlight Palette

Cover Fx has been stepping up their highlight game for the past few years now. So, when I saw they came out with a highlight palette that had 2 creams and 2 powders, I pounced on it. The Perfect Light Highlight Palette is available in 2 shades – 1 for light to medium skin tones and the other for medium to dark skin tones. These are available at Sephora for $42 or check the link below. Continue reading for the full nitty gritty. Continue reading “Cover FX Perfect Light Highlight Palette”

Top 3 Spring Makeup Must-Haves

When I think of Spring-time makeup, I think about fresh skin that is simple and glowy. I’m tired of the cake-face trends of 2016 and just want to let my skin breathe a little. Sometimes with makeup, less really is more. If you are feeling the same, you will love these Top 3 Spring Makeup Must-Haves for 2017! All products used in the picture below. Continue reading for more info.  Continue reading “Top 3 Spring Makeup Must-Haves”

Jordana Sculpt n Go Contour Stick

Newly available at your local drugstore, the $4.99 Jordana Sculpt n Go Contour Stick has 3 available shades and might as well be made of unicorn poop. Spoiler alert, I’m love with this product and I’m not afraid who knows it. Usually, I drag these post along awhile with final thoughts at the end, but couldn’t hold in my excitement. Continue reading for more info. Continue reading “Jordana Sculpt n Go Contour Stick”