There are two facts I know for sure about this life. One is death. The other – I will have a terrible picture on my driver’s license. It is a task we must all face. At 16 you are excited to show it off, at 30 you dread the day. I am sure this only gets worse as you advance in age. Here are 10 helpful makeup and style tips to achieve a great looking driver’s license photo:

1. Whiten your teeth. Crest White Strips are great and only take a few applications to notice the difference.

2. Smile normally.


3. Wear dark, solid colors like black or navy (NO TURTLENECKS or Graphic T’s with a controversial slogan)

Wear appropriate clothing!

4. Have clean, tidy hair

Clean, Tidy Hair

5. If you color your hair, make sure you don’t have substantial roots that are an opposing color.

6. Apply a primer under your foundation (this helps it stay on longer for the occasional DMV delay.)

7. Wear translucent powder on the t-zone

8. Conceal blemishes and under eye circles (DMV lighting accentuates the flaws)

Conceal those eye bags

9. Don’t arrive intoxicated (it makes you appear older)

10. Wear a fuller coverage HD foundation. Makeup Forever is the best.

These tips, followed correctly, are guaranteed to improve your next driver’s license photograph!


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