4/10/18 Update: We now know, thanks to Manny’s not-so bff Jeffree Star, that the palette will be called Life’s a Drag. 🤔

Did Manny MUA “Lunar Beauty” Eyeshadow palette get leaked??

If you’re a watcher and fan of Manny MUA, you’ll know that he recently announced he is coming out with his own brand, Lunar Beauty. For many years, his Youtube logo was a half-moon, inspired by his favorite anime show, Sailor Moon and his love of stars. After some legal litigation, he was forced to remove that symbol due to copyright issues. This is how he came up with the name “Lunar” Beauty.

According to his Youtube channel, the space-themed brand is set to launch sometime around mid to late June, but specifics on what products will be featured in the launch have not be disclosed. That is, until now – possibly.

Manny MUA Lunar Beauty Eyeshadow Palette LEAKED!

His brother recently took an instagram selfie photo while at the Lunar Beauty photo shoot and hidden in the photo could possibly be his eyeshadow palette. Is it Manny MUA’s? Many people believe it is because the photo was taken down within seconds and replaced with the same photo with CENSORED over the palette.

If this is indeed the eyeshadow palette that is to be launched, what are your opinions? Would you buy it? To me it looks interesting because of the bright yellow and pink shades commonly found in space Nebulas. However, I am also a very basic, neutrals lover and don’t like to venture out of my comfort zone.  

Finally, the Instagram picture at the very top of this post is suspicious. Usually, Manny lists the eyeshadow products he uses, whether it be Morphe, Tarte, MAC, whoever. Notice anything missing? No listing…and, the colors match the palette shades in the leaked palette. I think we may have a winner.

Thanks so much for reading. I will be having website maintenance for the next few weeks, so please forgive me while updates and upgrades are happening. Big things are in the works for Uhapi Beauty!

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