Milk Makeup Shadow Quad Review In my defense, this purchase was peer pressure. Yep, it was Mother’s Day and my husband came with me into the store. He’s such a doll and wanted to buy me some new makeup, because he knows I love it so much. The problem is, I can’t buy stuff when he’s watching me. It’s like peeing in a public forum, I just can’t do it. I get stage fright. So, instead of being honest when he sweetly picked up the Milk Makeup Shadow Quad and said “this would look pretty on you.” I hesitantly nodded as he dropped it into the Sephora basket. Truth is, I knew better, but sometimes you just gotta take a chance on a long shot. Please continue reading of the full Milk Makeup Shadow Quad Review.

Milk Makeup Shadow Quad Review

I like to keep it real with my readers, regardless of money and feelings, I will always try to give pros and cons with each and every product. Sometimes, there are no cons and a product looks fantastic through my eyes. Sometimes it’s the opposite. It’s all in opinion and opinions are subjective. In this case, the product is f-ing awful, but we’ll get into that later.

The packaging is great and like all of Milk Makeup’s products, they’re very sturdy and solid. I wouldn’t expect to be throwing this around (although I did want to) but if I did, I’m sure it wouldn’t break. The design and aesthetic appeal works here and at first glance you really envision a fantastic product inside. I love the frosted plastic, as well as the wearability of the colors. That’s about where the positive aspects end for me.

I purchased the quad in the shade – Day Goals. These shadows are a cream-to-powder formula and under normal circumstances, I like that about creams. It keeps the product from creasing and increases longevity. However, when applying these shadows they’re creamy, yet very drying at the same time. Pigmentation from the well to the fingertips is great, but pigmentation to the eyelids is minimal at best. The color range also doesn’t transfer, so the browns look very similar from shade to shade. This is infuriating because the price for 4 shadows is $36 or $9 each!! That’s more than Viseart and Natasha Denona. That’s a lot of money per eyeshadow, especially for quality that is sub-par.

Does this make me want to stay away from Milk Makeup products? No, not at all. In fact, their cream bronzer (see full review here) is holy grail material, but this shadow quad is sad and disappointing to say the least.


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