Moxielash Review

Moxielash Magnetic Liner and Lashes is the latest cosmetic innovation that has taken the world by storm – and when I say “world” I mean, MY WORLD. They have changed my entire opinion on the fake lash phenomenon.

The premise is simple, apply the magnetic liquid or gel eyeliner, and the magnetic lashes do the rest. Done…and believe it or not, it’s just that simple. No glue, no fuss, no dancing around until they get tacky, no allergic reactions. I know, I was skeptical too.

The Moxielash brand has several lash styles to choose from.

  • Baby Lashes, which are accent lashes, similar in style to the Ardell 305’s. They are meant to be worn on the outer corner.
  • Classy Lashes, which are a full band lash that has minimal length and volume. They have a rounded, half-moon shape.
  • Sassy Lashes are a “step-up” from the Classy lash. They provide a bit more volume and length, but still daytime appropriate. The shape adds a cat-eye effect due to the length in the outer edges.
  • Flashy Lashes are the older sister of the Classy lashes. The shape is the same, but with added length and volume. These were the first lashes I purchased and really enjoy them a lot.
  • Sassy Lashes seem to be very long and spiky, but without a ton of volume. The shape is rounded with slightly longer ends. They are very pretty, but not my favorite.
  • Baddy Lashes are the most dramatic of the bunch and my personal favorite. They are thick and voluminous – without being overdone and a perfect length, in my opinion.

When it comes to the liner, there is a dramatic difference between the liquid and the gel liners. The liquid liner formula is a bit thick and goopy, which can quickly get messy if you go in aggressively. The felt-tip applicator deposits too-much-too-soon, so it’s best to first remove excess product. Otherwise, the liquid liner is great. It’s very black with maximum opacity and dries to a patent leather finish. Once it sets, it is budge proof, waterproof, and life proof – almost to a fault. Prepare to use your waterproof eye makeup remover liberally.

The gel liner has several good attributes, but overall not my favorite. I find the surface consistency and formula to be quite dry and only “loosens up” once you’ve broken the top layer. I prefer a soft angle brush to apply, but that is a challenge considering how hard the product surface is. The finish, though is a very opaque black that dries down to a matte finish. It is also waterproof and requires special remover.

What sets the Moxielash brand apart from other brands is the quality and the staying power. I’ve paired the Moxielash brand against both drugstore and ones commonly found on Amazon. Honestly, the quality doesn’t compare. They really are quite remarkable. Your entire lash application takes under 30 seconds and you’re done. Ready. Out the door.

The final (and most important) mention is the price. These are not cheap. In fact…damn. Each lash, regardless of the style is $35. The liquid liner is $45 and the gel liner is $32. They sell sets for $75, so you can save roughly $5 a pop. Still though, yikes. For the casual lash wearer it may be a big stretch. That is for you to decide.

Overall, I love them! The lashes are innovative, quick, beautiful, and since there is no glue involved, they have a longer lifespan than most – if not all – other “glue” lashes on the market. I’ve enjoyed applying and wearing my Moxielash system. Highly recommended.

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