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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Garbage

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA for a bit. I apologize for that but promise to post more updates, reviews, and thoughts in the next several days.

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to the environment. As a member of the Bayou Manchac Group, I try to advocate time weekly to clean up area waterways, as well as raise community awareness. Most recently, the Bayou Manchac Group was featured on a local outdoor television program called Paradise Louisiana. Our group actually got a 20 minute feature on the show! We got to meet one of the hosts, Gary Rispone, as well as the amazing producer/Jedi Master, Dirk Graeser. They were both exceptionally nice people and genuinely interested in our cause.

Nathaniel Klumb

The picture above is our Vice President, Nathaniel Klumb, being interviewed by Gary Rispone. Nathaniel is also the co-founder of PaddleBR which coordinates with the Bayou Manchac Group on cleanup.

This is just one of the areas the Bayou Manchac Group and PaddleBR has dedicated hundreds of exhaustive hours to clean.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.14.18 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.24.05 PM

If you get the chance, please check out and support the Bayou Manchac Group Facebook page and

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Vinh Phat Market Review and Haul

Vinh Phat Market

If you live in the vicinity of Baton Rouge, Louisiana you may (or may not) be aware of this little Asian market on Florida Blvd. called Vihn Phat Market. I took a mini field trip with my girls today for a little culture, groceries, and other goodies. Secretly, I wanted to go there to see if they had any cool asian makeup brands that I had never heard of. At the very least, I wanted the MEGA GIANT PACK of false lashes you see on Ebay. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any beauty supplies but it was a fun trip non-the-less.

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Bayou Manchac/ Ward Creek Cleanup

A few of my friends, Nathanial Klumb and Jonathan Scott, have been busy cleaning up our area waterways. They have made amazing strides toward restoring our bayous to their former glory. Jonathan and Nathanial are President and Vice President of a  organization called The Bayou Manchac Group. Their mission is to maintain and enhance the ecological integrity of Bayou Manchac and it’s tributaries by seeking methods to balance conservation and development.

Above picture of Ward Creek taken by Jonathan Scott

The Bayou Manchac Group will soon be organizing a trash pick-up in Baton Rouge. I will be posting more information if any local readers would like to participate.

It takes one person to make a difference, it takes a community to create a movement!

Below is a timelapsed video made by Nathanial Klumb during one of his many trash hauls. Please watch these videos to see what a difference a few people can make in one day.

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Bayou Manchac Pollution

This post is to raise awareness around my community. Bayou Manchac has been a dumping ground for garbage and unwanted household items. It has been a disposal for raw sewage from campers and campsites. It has become a disgusting cest pool that flows through our subdivisions wealthiest, around our children’s schools, by our well water systems -yet somehow people have managed to continue to ignore the issue. How?

There have recently been some articles in local papers with the concern of sewage from (or around) Alligator Bayou. The smell has caused the community anguish especially those living next door. However, the problem is much greater than that general area. Our waterways have become unsafe, uninhabitable waste dumps. Toxic to those living near them, as well as the animals that rely on it to survive.

Below: Bayou Manchac trash between EBR BREC Manchac Park and Hwy 73

Visit or to find out ways you can be help YOUR community.

I have another article regarding the pollution right outside my home. Click here to view. This is not a one time occurrence.  This is everywhere.

Halftime Wingery, Prairieville Review * Updated

*See recent update at the bottom*

Since my husband was working tonight, I figured I would bring my children to Halftime Wingery for a mini girl’s night out. Halftime Wingery is located on Hwy. 44 close to the Hwy. 42 intersection. I was looking for a place that is close by, casual, and kid friendly. Also, my girls love chicken wings, the spicier the better.

We walked in to friendly faces and were seated promptly. The waitresses are all dressed in a semi-sexy referee uniform with black short shorts. I think it’s attractive and not offensive like other “wingy” establishments. They are all young and cute. That helps.

The place is not very roomy, maybe able to fit 15 – 20 couples total. That would be a packed house. This is not a bad thing especially since the restaurant is so new. I can appreciate a smaller, hole-in-the-wall place. I enjoy watching them grow and be successful IF they offer good food to back it up.

Halftime has several flat screen TV’s, so it’s perfect for the sports enthusiast. In other words, anybody from Louisiana would feel right at home. They offer items to-go and had customers steadily coming in and out with orders.

The menu is simple, offering the typical All-American items; Wings of many flavors(of course), burgers, cheesy fries, salads, etc. Nothing is on the menu for a dieter, even the salads. We ordered a 10 piece “Cajun Spicy”, 10 piece “Regular BBQ”, and a “Chipotle” burger with fries and onion rings.

Within 15 minutes or so, the food was on our tables and HOT. My burger was neat, cooked the way I asked, and extremely appetizing. The onion rings also were fantastic! It’s hard to find a good onion ring. My daughters said the wings were delicious. This was stated between messy bites, sips from drinks, and the much needed napkin break. They didn’t get on the Halftime Wall-of-Fame but I think they could have had a fighting chance.

Final thoughts: This restaurant is kid-friendly, with messy food that is delicious….Enjoy!

Uhapi rating: ◉◉◉◐◯

Check out their full menu and other info here.

Update: The restaurant has been quite terrible the last 3 times we have gone. All 3 times, our order was wrong, under cooked, or items were left out.

Update 1/1/2012: The restaurant is now closed down and I am not suprised. Sorry Halftime!