Makeup Brands Made in China

Are some of the makeup brands in your vanity made in China? For nearly 99% of all makeup enthusiasts, the answer is YES. With recent news of asbestos and toxic metals in makeup manufactured in China, it is important now more than ever to be an educated consumer. I’ve researched and devised a list of brands that uses all or most of their ingredients from China. Some of these brands may surprise you!

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Is Jeffree Star a Boy?

Jeffree Star satanist

Jeffrey Steininger, better known as Jeffree Star, is a Youtube content creator, singer, and founder of Jeffree Star cosmetics. He became popular in the early 2000’s on the media platform MySpace for posting controversial pictures of himself in bright and bold makeup. People often wonder if Jeffree Star was born a male or had sexual reassignment surgery. I’ve done some digging to find out. Is Jeffree Star a Boy? Let’s look at the evidence.

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What Makeup Brands Test on Animals

brands that test on animals 2017

What makeup brands test on animals? Every year that answer changes, but here is the latest information that I have researched for the year of 2017. Due to loop-holes from the US government, it impossible to know if a brand is 100% cruelty free. However, there are many grass-root and non-profit organizations that rigorously check a brand’s cruelty-free claim. Take a look at the list below.

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Easy Makeup Look Men Find Irresistible

Easy Makeup Look Men Find Irresistible

What makes a woman irresistible? Is it a certain dress, hairstyle, or perfume? Is it the sway of the hips that is only achieved while walking in heels? You may be surprised with the answer. American’s idea of beauty changes drastically from decade to decade, but one thing always stays the same. Want to know what it is? Click below to learn the Easy Makeup Look Men Find Irresistible, as well links to the best products to try.

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Marlena Stell Divorcing Cocoa Bear?

Marlena divorceI have been a huge fan of Marlena Stell, CEO and founder of Makeup Geek, since her beginning days on YouTube. What isn’t to love? She’s a hard-working, strong woman and totally unapologetic about who she is, what she looks like, and what she wants. I totally respect and admire her passion and drive to succeed, as well as the kind-hearted woman behind the business. In the last several months, more and more people have posted on social media (particularly Instagram) questioning the lack of posts involving her new husband. So, is Marlena Stell Divorcing Cocoa Bear? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

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