Peak Products Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum

Vitamin C serum is a great anti-aging addition that every woman (and man) should add to their facial repertoire. There are so many on the market these days, which ones are actually beneficial? What should you look for when choosing the right Vitamin C serum? Today, I’m reviewing Peak Products Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum to see how it stands up.

The Peak Products Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum comes in a brown glass bottle with a dropper top for easy application. This is similar in style to other serums I’ve reviewed and seems to be common packaging across the board. There is 1 fl oz. of product or 30 ml, which would last about 1 month if used as directed.

Peak Products Vitamin C Anti-Aging SerumThe serum is clear and mainly odorless. I did notice a very *slight* hint of medicinal aroma, but it is almost nonexistent. When I applied it to my skin, it reminded me very much of pure Hyaluronic acid in texture. It goes on smooth, light, and doesn’t leave any residue. It provides a very soft, matte finish to apply moisturizers and foundations over if you would want to.

Peak Products Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum ReviewThe bottle says it’s 92% natural, 72% organic, and 18% vitamin C. Here is the ingredients list below:

Peak Products Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum ReviewI appreciate the company using majority organic ingredients and additives that are vegetable based. Ingredients like: Kosher Vegetable Glycerin is a thoughtful additive for people that do not use animal derived products. As a vegetarian, this is important to me. I also appreciate this being fragrance free. Fragrance in anti-aging products can be counter-productive because those additives can be inflammatory to the skin. I would rather beneficial ingredients rather than sensory.

I’ve been using this product for 2 weeks. I get up and wash my face, apply this Vitamin C serum, and then apply makeup. The Hyaluronic acid works amazing to increase fullness and life to my face. After a few minutes, I look alive and awake with under eye circles diminished. Just for the hyaluronic acid alone, the $24.99 price tag is worth it. All the other ingredients included are a bonus.

Peak Products is a great company to try. They back up their products with satisfaction guarantees, plus Amazon has the best return policy on the internet. If you are interested in trying this brand out, click the Amazon link below!

Peak Products Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum Review

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