Over the course of the last several years, I’ve become a huge fan of professional makeup artist, Scott Barnes. I had never tried any of his makeup products before now, but his talent in the field of makeup is unmatched and I was in the market for new products. My entire makeup kit was destroyed in a flood this past August 2016, so I went for it and bought Blissful Beige and Bisque – 2 shades. $100 and 2 weeks later I can say whole heartedly that this is the worst high-end foundation I ever tried. 

Scott Barnes Multimedia Foundation Review

The foundation is 1 fl ounce and comes with a plastic, toothpick dip-stick for stirring and distributing product hygienically. It also comes in handy because the foundation is a mineral powder/mineral oil mix (90% – 95%) oil and the minerals adhere to the bottom of the bottle. The box instructions clearly indicate there may be separation, so mixing and scraping is necessary for full coverage.

Let me just say it now – there is NO full coverage possibility in this foundation. It is sheer to light coverage at best and that is a stretch. It is an oily “hint” of color and if you’re lucky you get a clump of mineral on the dip-stick. I tried applying with a brush, sponge, and hands for 2 solid weeks to get this to work. It just doesn’t make sense! Plus, the shade selection is terrible. There is no way to tell what shade you need because there’s no website description. They are not even listed in shade order. Bisque is the lightest shade available, at least from what I could tell, and was too pink and too dark for my complexion. Blissfully beige was straight up orange. I don’t know what the hell they were thinking with the $50 per bottle asking price. What? WHY!? I could make this foundation for less than $5. No kidding. Bottle included.

Overall, this was a huge disappointment. I have wanted to buy this foundation for years and my bubble was fully deflated. I sincerely hope that others find this review helpful before investing a fortune into the Scott Barnes name, because in all honesty, that is all you’re buying.



  1. Yes i bought 3 shades hopng i could make a colour work , but bisque it too light and the next shade its so orange and if you want more coverage you get more bloody colour and just get darker , and i look like i havd a bad spay tan, arghhhhhhh

    • I completely agree. My daughter even commented about how terrible my foundation was and she was 11 at the time. 😬 That’s when you KNOW it’s bad! LOL!


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