ASOS is one of my favorite stores for unique statement accessories and fun clothing! They have cheap, quality made items for every style imaginable. I was online shopping last night and found these gorgeous pieces that I must buy immediately!

The first piece is out of my price range for now, but in a few months time I may be able to have this beauty in my grasp. It must be the makeup artist in me because I love anything with a red, lacquered lip!

Kiss My Asos!
Kiss My Asos!

Lulu Guiness Perspex Red Lips Clutch Bag $413.46

Next is a fabulous necklace. It comes in silver or gold (both are equally amazing) and huge! This necklace covers some major real estate. I love it!

Mega Chain

XL Chain Link Necklace $42.19
This one reminded me of something my daughter would like. It’s angel wings! So adorable! She could wear it but it still wouldn’t convince me otherwise.
I'm an Angel damn it!
I’m an Angel damn it!

ASOS Embellished Wing Hairband $20.25

On the same note is this beautiful hairband with lots of sparkle. This is another one I want to get for my daughter.

Don't cross me!
Don’t cross me!

ASOS Jewel Cross Headband $12.66 On Sale

Small and dainty, this pencil ring reminds me of blogging for some reason. It’s preppy and journalist wrapped up in one. It’s also cute for back to schoolers.

Today's top story
Today’s top story

Me & Zena Pencil Ring $27.00

This necklace is perfect for fall! Just pair this up with your favorite fall jacket and your look is complete. Don’t forget the pants though.

Leaves me wanting
Fall in Leaf

ASOS Statement Leaf Collar Necklace $30.38

If you like Gucci or riding horses, you will love this last favorite.  It’s very reminiscent of the Gucci fashion house with the stirrup buckles which I love. It looks like an expensive bracelet with an equestrian flare.

You Gucci be kidding!
You Gucci be kidding!

GoGo Philip Linked Stirrup Bracelet $30.38

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