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Holy Grail Makeup Products

Holy Grail Makeup ProductsI’ve comprised a list of some of my favorite makeup products. My “Holy Grail” of sorts. It’s not a huge list, since products come and go from my kit. However, these are the most reliable products that have earned their keep long term. If you’re interested, please continue reading.

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Vampy Valentine Eye Look

Vampy Valentine Eye Look

A few days ago I posted a Vampy Valentine nail look using the new Julep Birthstone Maven box I received in the mail. I wanted to do something that’s fun and creative for the ladies that aren’t looking for romantic, “date-night” makeup. So, this is the Vampy Valentine Eye Look to accompany the 2 part series. If you’re interested in knowing how to create this edgy look, please continue reading.

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Beauty on a Budget

Beauty on a BudgetBeauty products can be extremely expensive. So, what are people to do when they want to look their best, but can’t afford the high prices of high-end cosmetics? I’ve listed some great products to try that are budget friendly and guaranteed to make you look great. If you want to learn more, continue reading.

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How to Get the Perfect Winged Liner

How to get the perfect winged liner

Winged liner is flattering on everyone. It elongates the eye, makes them stand out, and defines the lashes. Achieving the look can be tricky for beginners, but this simple trick takes the frustration out of it. It’s called the “tape” method and it works like a charm. If you would like to see how to get the perfect winged liner, then please continue reading.

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