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Milk Makeup Shadow Quad Review

Milk Makeup Shadow Quad Review In my defense, this purchase was peer pressure. Yep, it was Mother’s Day and my husband came with me into the store. He’s such a doll and wanted to buy me some new makeup, because he knows I love it so much. The problem is, I can’t buy stuff when he’s watching me. It’s like peeing in a public forum, I just can’t do it. I get stage fright. So, instead of being honest when he sweetly picked up the Milk Makeup Shadow Quad and said “this would look pretty on you.” I hesitantly nodded as he dropped it into the Sephora basket. Truth is, I knew better, but sometimes you just gotta take a chance on a long shot. Please continue reading of the full Milk Makeup Shadow Quad Review. Continue reading “Milk Makeup Shadow Quad Review”