Valentia Even Glow Serum ReviewFor the past few months I’ve been trying out the Valentia Even Glow Serum provided by Brandbacker. The serum is an antioxidant treatment with 20% vitamin C, which aids with healing and is vital for anti-aging. It also contains other vital ingredients, which I will touch on more later in the review.

Valentia Even Glow Serum ReviewThe packaging is very attractive 4 inch tall brown glass bottle. It comes with a rubber, squeeze top applicator. The bottle is 1.18 FL Oz so 1 bottle, used sparingly should last over a month.

Valentia Even Glow Serum ReviewThe serum has a light, citrus scent with a slight medicinal undertone. The smell is very pleasant, which is consistent with other reviews I’ve read from Amazon. Ingredients are 98% natural and organic, so there is no worry of strange or foreign chemicals. The vitamin C comes from rose hip seed and sea buckthorn oil. Combined with natural plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and green tea extract – it provides a powerful healing and anti-aging punch.

Valentia Even Glow Serum ReviewAt first glance, the color was a bit off-putting. Usually when I think of serums, I think of clear and thin liquids. This serum is thin, but is a somewhat opaque yellow color. When spread out, it glides on the skin like silk. When warmed up from blending the scent  is intoxicating.

Valentia Even Glow Serum ReviewI immediately noticed the serum evened out my skin tone and gave my skin a healthy, vibrant glow. It absorbed within a few minutes but left he radiance. I used this alone during the day and also tried it under foundation as a primer. If you have dry skin, especially like I do in the winter, this will be a great alternative to moisturizer. I would avoid the eyelid area since the serum has oils.

Here is a complete list of ingredients to see if this serum is right for you:

Valentia Even Glow Serum ReviewI was very pleased with this serum and believe that over time it will provide great anti-aging benefits. If wearing through the day you will still need to combine with an SPF for sun protection. I’ve noticed a definite “healthy glow” but haven’t found any youth reversing miracles just yet. Do I believe in this product? With the great organic ingredients combined with healthy oils and hyaluronic acid, I would answer that with a definite…YES!

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