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The love of my life showed up today (Fed-Ex Man) with several boxes of goodies for me to open. I’m talking about the glorious makeup brushes that I pre-ordered from Beautylish 2 weeks ago. These brushes have been on my mind since Wayne Goss mentioned them in his initial video and I finally have my hands of them. I’m going to try to be very thorough with my Wayne Goss Makeup Brush Review but if anyone has any questions about them that I didn’t cover, you know I will answer. I usually respond within an hour or two.

So, the brushes are packaged in a white Beautylish box. When you open the box, the brushes are nestled in polta-dot tissue paper, which is wrapped in a nice storage cylinder, wrapped in a dainty block bow. I wouldn’t expect less from Wayne Goss and They have it down to the minor details which I respect immensely.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush ReviewBlack Cylinder

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush ReviewTissue Packaging and Bow

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush Review


Brush #1, which is the collection’s foundation/blush brush, can only be described as a champion. I am very impressed by the thought and time that went into making this. For the price (which is $45 on Beautylish) it is beyond worth the cost. This brush is built to last forever. If you work in the beauty industry like I do, this brush WILL make a difference in your quality of work. It is truly a work of art.

  • The handle is a glossy black and short, which gives you control with how hard or soft you work the foundation into the skin. The handle smell like a light coating of lacquer, which I like. Since these are all handmade, I expected these to have that “worked with” scent. The brush is 6 inches long.
  • The ferrule is black gloss and extremely sturdy.
  • The brush head is white fur and the softest brush I’ve ever laid my hands on. I don’t know what kind of fur is used. If I had to guess by the softness, I’d say its a mix between goat hair and rabbit. The tip is sort of stippled with the softest hairs at the tip. The tip is cut at a 40 – 45 degree angle.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush ReviewWayne Goss Brush #1

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush Review

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush Review Foundation Brush #1

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush Review


Brush #2 is the collection’s multi-purpose warrior. Not only could this brush work for powder, which I’m sure was the original intention, it can be used for blush, contour, highlighter, eyeshadow, or even foundation. Powder foundation preferably. The tapered, dark hair is so soft you barely feel it touch your skin. The brush light weight, same quality as the foundation brush, and  7 inches long total.

Wayne Goss makeup Brush #2 Review

 Wayne Goss Brush #2

IMG_1677Wayne Goss Makeup Brush #2

Wayne Goss makeup Brush Review Brush #2

For reviews of brushes #3 and #4 click here.


  1. These look gorgeous and super functional! Do you know if they are natural-hair or synthetic? You mentioned they are cruelty free (I don’t have a preference of one over the other; they each have their pros and cons).

    • They are all real hair from animals that shed their hair naturally. I have always gravitated to synthetic brushes because they clean better but I’ve heard that these are made by the same people as Suqqu. If you’re familiar with that brand you’ll know that one brush can be the same price as this whole set! Plus, I really like Wayne Goss and don’t think he would produce anything faulty.


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