Zombie Nail Art Tutorial

Halloween is just around the corner so today I’m doing a fun and easy zombie nail art tutorial. The best thing about this tutorial is that you do not have to be neat. The technique is very messy and imperfect. In fact, the messier the better! There are several easy steps if you include the makeup with it. I’ll show you how to do the makeup portion in my next tutorial which will be linked here.

I recommend using fake nails for this look since we will be making the nails jagged and sharp. I’ll link some cheap Amazon ones I used here. They come in handy so it’s a wise investment.

Go ahead and apply the nails using either stickers or nail glue. When you put them on the nail, place a few of them off-center. So, one might point slightly left and the other might point slightly right. Once they are applied, cut bits and pieces out of each one. I just created little “V” shapes here and there. Make it look like those nails have been through hell and back…literally.

Zombie Nail Art Tutorial

Ok, now for the fun stuff! If you already own similar colors then use what you have. Although all of these brands are great quality and very affordable if you need to pick a few. Try to not use very shimmery polishes, if possible. Here are the ones I used for the zombie nail art tutorial:

  • Sally Hansen #460 Wet Cement
  • Essie #708 Armed and Ready
  • Revlon #335 Spirit
  • Wet n Wild #424A Black Creme
  • Sally Hansen #570 Right Said Red
  • Sinful Colors Matte Finish Top Coat or Essie Matte About You
  • I also used a black eyeliner around the edges and cracks. Physician’s Formula Eyeliner in Ultra Black
  • Fake Nails

Zombie Nail Art Tutorial

Zombie Nail Art Tutorial

Zombie Nail Art Tutorial Step 1: Paint the nails with 2 thick coats of the Sally Hansen Wet Cement (or any light grey) color. Allow to set a few minutes but do not allow it to dry.

Zombie Nail Art TutorialStep 2: Using a toothpick or the sharp end of a dotting tool, drag some of the polish off. Go in a straight line. If a little more comes off that’s ok. Mistakes will only add to the look.

Zombie Nail Art TutorialStep 3: Using a makeup wipe or tissue, stipple the Essie Armed and Ready over the nail starting from the cuticle down. Let some of the fibers get into the nail polish. Also, bleed the color into the cuticles. This will make the fingers look old and moldy.

Zombie Nail Art TutorialStep 4: Using the Revlon white, stipple the tips of the nails with the same wipe from earlier.

Zombie Nail Art TutorialStep 5: Stipple the nail and cuticle area with the Wet n Wild Black.

Zombie Nail Art TutorialStep 6: Use the same technique with a little of the Sally Hansen Right said Red. Apply to the cuticle area lightly. This will make the cuticles appear irritated and bloody. Also, apply a tiny bit of the red to the tips of a few nails.

Step 7: Using a liquid liner, line around the whole fingernail. Go underneath the nail to fill in any pink skin. Blacken all of the “V” shapes you made earlier with the nail clippers.

At this point in the zombie nail art tutorial, you can either let the nails dry a few minutes and continue to the makeup or apply the Matte top coat. Here is what it looks like with no makeup (cleaning up the edges are optional):

Zombie Nail Art Tutorial

Here is the finished look with the makeup. I don’t know about you but these are some ugly hands!

Zombie Nail Art Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this Zombie Nail Art Tutorial! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment below. Thank you for coming to visit me today. I hope y’all have a great day. Please support by subscribing!

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