1. The Beetlejuice Pants

Beetlejuice pants

2. The Drop Waist Dress. What are you, like 5?

Drop Waist Dress

3. The Mustache Print. It was cute 3 years ago. The trend is OVER!

Mustache Print

4. The High-Low Dress.

Ugly High-low dress

5. The Curtain Shoes. These shoes are made with granny’s curtains! Do away with these hideous creations!

Granny's curtain shoes

6. The Boxing Rocky II Pant. 

Rocky 2 movie pants

7. The MC Hammer Pants

MC Hammer Pants

8, 9 and 10. The Crop Top, Acid Wash, and High Waist Shorts

Crop Top


  1. You are KILLING me with these! I agree wholeheartedly…except I will still wear a high-low skirt IF it’s a gentle transition from front to back. Drop-waist dresses look good on NO ONE, and if I never again see another mustache, it won’t be too soon!


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