Our home flooded last August, so over the last several months I’ve purchased several new pieces of jewelry to replace items I’ve lost. While trying to rebuild our lives, it feels nice to treat myself every once in awhile to a few new pieces of jewelry. Since Amazon has thousands of vendors with all price points, finding the price and style I like is easy. I frequently get asked about where I get my rings and earrings from, so I thought I would share and do a GIVEAWAY to give back! Links to all and details are below. 

Amazon Jewelry Haul and Giveaway

I’ve always been a fan of edgy, strange, conversation jewelry. The quirkier the better. So, when I found the “Bang-Bang” (worn in the picture above) earrings, I knew I had to get them. They don’t bother my sensitive ears like many earrings do, so that is a huge benefit, plus they are so inexpensive, if I lose them it’s no big deal.

This ring is my absolute favorite piece of jewelry I’ve bought in a long time. It’s called “Indian Chief” and is a statement piece for both men or women. The ring is made of high-polished, stainless steel and is super comfortable to wear on my middle finger. Every time I wear this ring I always feel like a bad ass!

Lastly, another bold ring for those who like skull jewelry. I bought this ring several months ago when I was looking for a significantly sizes ring to wear that was larger than my other ring – seen above. I have very long fingers, so like rings that take up a lot of real estate. This ring is massive and bold, with a high shine finish. It isn’t for people who don’t like to draw attention to themselves for sure.

Do you see one that you like and want to be a part of the giveaway? Everything will be done on FaceBook. All you have to do is like our FB page, tell me which one you would like in the FB comments section, and share that post. That’s it! USA residents only due to shipping costs. I will choose 2 winners at random on Wednesday, May 31st 2017 at 12 noon. All items are paid for by me. Thanks so much for checking out this Amazon Jewelry Haul and Giveaway!


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