This post is to raise awareness around my community. Bayou Manchac has been a dumping ground for garbage and unwanted household items. It has been a disposal for raw sewage from campers and campsites. It has become a disgusting cest pool that flows through our subdivisions wealthiest, around our children’s schools, by our well water systems -yet somehow people have managed to continue to ignore the issue. How?

There have recently been some articles in local papers with the concern of sewage from (or around) Alligator Bayou. The smell has caused the community anguish especially those living next door. However, the problem is much greater than that general area. Our waterways have become unsafe, uninhabitable waste dumps. Toxic to those living near them, as well as the animals that rely on it to survive.

Below: Bayou Manchac trash between EBR BREC Manchac Park and Hwy 73

Visit or to find out ways you can be help YOUR community.

I have another article regarding the pollution right outside my home. Click here to view. This is not a one time occurrence.  This is everywhere.


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