Beauty Blender or Real Techniques SpongeSince the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge came on the market, people have been comparing them to the Original Beauty Blender Sponge. Many prefer one over the other, but I want to go through and see what the real differences are. If you’re interested in reading more the comparisons between the two, please continue reading.

Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Sponge

The Beauty Blender retails for $19.95 at Sephora and is available online via several department stores. If you want the BB sponge cleaner, it is an additional $15.95, but not necessary.

The Real Techniques Sponge (or RT as we will call it) ranges in price depending on the vendor, but is generally sold in drugstores like Walgreens or Wal-Mart. I purchased mine on sale from Ulta for $4. An important note is that Ulta offers weekly coupons. This alone creates a huge price difference.Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Sponge

Size wise, there’s about 1 1/2 inch difference when they’re both dry. The RT sponge is quite a bit longer and wider. It also has blunt edges on the bottom half for detail work and contouring, if needed. When dampened, the sponges become much more pliable and expand. BB sponge is noticeably firmer and more dense while the RT is softer. The BB also has a chemical smell that reminds me of memory foam pillows.

For reference, this is the Beauty Blender after dampened.

Beauty Blender or Real Techniques SpongeBefore and after…

Beauty Blender or Real Techniques SpongeThis is the Real Techniques before and after. The one on the left has been used for a few weeks. Sorry about that. Both the Beauty Blender and Real Techniques sponges stain.

Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Sponge

The pointed edges are nearly identical when damp or dry. The Real Techniques sponge is wider around the middle, so can be a little more difficult getting in small areas, like the nook of the eye.

Beauty Blender or Real Techniques SpongeI tried blending out Loreal True Match Foundation in W1 to see which provided better, more even coverage. Surprisingly, there is virtually no difference! They both pick up about the same amount of product and distribute exactly the same way.

Beauty Blender or Real Techniques SpongeOverall, the RT and BB Sponge are nearly exactly the same. Besides the obvious color and shape differences, both sponges offer the same application of product in the same opacity. They both provide a flawless finish to your foundation and use approximately the same amount of foundation to do it. RT’s blunt edge gives an extra option if you need to use the product with multiple products, like contour/blush/highlight products. The only real difference worth mentioning is the price point. Real Techniques did a great job, not only duping one of the most popular makeup sponges on the market, but providing a great price and a creative sponge design. It’s totally worth a try!

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Daily Nuggets:

1. I picked up some necessities at Ulta the other day, besides these RT sponges, I bought some Halloween Nails on clearance. I had to get them!

Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Sponge2. Mater Cleanse update! I’ve stopped almost completely. I still drink the lemon mix, but eating pretty regular. I found this amazing weight loss cabbage soup that I eat once or twice a day. I don’t follow the diet, but the soup is great!

3. My daughter has been sick with a terrible cold for the last 4 days. Blogging hasn’t been easy. I’ll have my part 2 makeup look up sometime later this week.

4. Has anyone tried the Loreal Magic Lumi Primer? I picked one up at Ulta, but don’t really know too much about it. Thoughts??

5. The model search for Fashion Week is this Friday and Saturday. I’ll be posting pics if y’all are interested!


My daughter’s and I visited the Baton Rouge Old State Capital last summer. The stained glass is so beautiful! If you ever want to visit, it’s a very interesting place.




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