8 Best highlighters on the market

I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the best highlighters on the market. It’s a mix of both high-end and drugstore products from every price point. Interested in seeing which products made the list? Please continue reading!

Starting off the list with powder highlighters. These are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever used. If you’re looking for a finishing touch that adds health and vibrance to your look, these will do it for you. A little goes a long way.

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8 best highlighters on the market

8. Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip. This retails at Ulta.com for $12.99

7. MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Skin finish in Soft and Gentle. This can be found for $32 at MAC stores or here on the MAC website.

6. MAC Cosmetics Pigment in Vanilla. If you’re looking for a $1 sample, click here or try the MAC website for their travel sized version.

Here they are swatched out. From left to right is MAC Soft & Gentle, PF Shimmer Strip, and MAC Vanilla

8 best highlighters on the marketNext up is Liquids. These are the most natural looking of the highlighters. They melt perfectly into your foundation or for an all-over glow, mixed with your foundation. None of them have glitter particles of any kind so in the day time, it’s looks like a bright and healthy complexion.

8 best highlighters on the market

5. No. 7 Highlights Illuminating Lotion. This is recently discontinued online but still available at some Target stores.

best highlighters on the market

best highlighters on the market


4. Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer. This is available at Sephora for $28. This one is a very close favorite.

3. MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl. I bought mine at MAC for $21. They have a ton of different finishes available, but this one is the best.

2. Sonia Kashuk Perfecting Translucent Illuminator. This is available at Target.com for $14.99.

1. The all-time reigning winner is BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfectors. I have nearly every shade and adore them all equally. I even found one on Ebay called Rose Quartz that has a pink, violet duo chrome. Champagne Gold, Pearl, Moonstone, Topaz, and Opal are breathtaking products that I encourage everyone to try. Sample sizes are available on Ebay for $5, so there’s no need to spend the $41 price tag for the full sized product. They are available at Sephora and Sephora.com.

Swatches are below and from left to right are BECCA’s Moonstone, No 7 Illuminating Lotion, Buxom Luminizer, MAC Cream Colorbase in Pearl, Sonia Kashuk Illuminator

8 best highlighters on the market


I hope you find this post/review helpful or at the very least informational. Thank you so much for reading my 8 Best Highlighters on the Market. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me personally or comment below. If you haven’t already, Subscribe! It’s easy, free, and sometimes a bit entertaining. See you soon!

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1. I don’t think I peeked my head outside yesterday. It was 19 degrees last night and out high was only 39. This is very cold for my south Louisiana bones! In fact, it may sleet today and kids will be home from school.

2. The new Sephora birthday gift is great! I picked mine up a new days ago and it’s the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella and a Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. Both are nice sized products and very pretty.

 2015 Sephora Birthday Gift

3. My family and I traveled to about 45 minutes to Pierre Part, LA (where the Swamp People are from) a few days ago to visit my husband’s uncle. They gave us 13 pounds of frozen catfish for my Dad and a beautiful Aloe vera plant. I was so excited, not for the fish but for the aloe!

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