1. The oldest and best: “Never go to bed angry.” Sort out all of your issues before you go to sleep because once you wake up, it’s to late to re-hash it. The problem will always come up later in another argument if it’s not settled.

2. “Cook, at least, 1 great dish.” The old saying is true. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Unfortunately, many women lack in the culinary department. So, learn at least 1 great recipe. Then make him sick of it.

3. “Make him think it was his idea.” Men like to believe that they are smarter than us when in reality they are stupid. If you have something you need to nag about, go about it a different way!

Example: Me – “Babe, can you please fix the damn door already? It’s been 6 months!”

Him – “I’ll fix it when I’m not so busy! You Friggin’ nag all the time!”

Instead, try the alternative:

Me- “The other day, when your friend came over unexpectedly, he almost saw me naked!”

Him – “Ohh, maybe I need to fix that door….”   Mission accomplished.

4. “Be his lady in the day and his mistress at night.” I think that speaks for itself.

5. “Let him think he wears the pants.” Men like to think they are in charge of the situation- Even when they aren’t. The more in charge he thinks he is, the happier he will be.

6. “Play hard to get in the bedroom.” Make him still have to work for it. Be a tease. This drives them crazy because he will still feel like he is chasing you.

7. “Make friends with his friends.” Your boyfriend or husband looks to his friends for relationship advice. ALWAYS! If his friends like you, you’re golden. If they hate you, they will brow beat him to rethink his decision every chance they get. Eventually, the friends win.

8. “Don’t wear heels that make you taller than him.” Unless that is his thing, men don’t like to feel like you are more powerful. Taller = power. Towering over a man isn’t sexy to them, even if you look amazing. Use the KISS method.

9. “Don’t talk about an ex.” If he asks you, keep it short and sweet. A man never wants to picture you with another man, even if you’ve got children. Ridiculous, I know, but it’s true. Treat him like he’s the first and the last.

10. “Don’t let yourself go.” If you had a nice figure when you got together, you need to try and keep it in check. At least within reason. I understand 10 pounds, but not 50. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. First. Always.

Hope some of you find this useful! If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment or send me an email; mandypq@yahoo.com

Thanks for viewing!

Written by: Mandy Quebedeaux


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