Cargo Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette ReviewWhile in TJ Maxx the other day I found a rare makeup treasure. $9.99 for a regular $34 – Cargo Cosmetics eyeshadow palette with 12 shades. It’s a steal, so I picked it up excitedly and rushed my buggy to the checkout counter. With a crazed twinkle in my eye, I sped home to further examine my prize. I carefully unwrapped and unboxed my palette. Opened it to glory – angels were singing in the background and the world was peaceful for that very second. For the full Cargo Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette Review, with links to my other interesting articles, please continue reading.

Cargo Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette Review

Cargo Cosmetics Wanderlust Palette Review

I love Cargo Cosmetics and have been a fan for – probably as long as I started blogging, so at least 9 years. I have many, many products from them and still reach for them from time to time. Their Vintage Escape palette is an all-time favorite with crisp, buttery shades that melt on the lid. Cargo had the eyeshadow game locked down. Unfortunately, the Wanderlust palette is NOT the same caliber as their other palettes that I know and love.

The packaging is perfection. The palette is sturdy, provides a brush and nice mirror, has the shade names listed on the palette, and a handy magnetic closure. There are 12 shades arranged into 3 quads. Each quad has a matte shade and transition shade to achieve a complete look. I love the way they are designed and can see the effort put into it. The problems however, start from the first swatch. The shadows are all chalky, powdery, and the colors are strangely muted. Usually a palette will have one or two shadows that miss the mark. In this palette, ALL shadows miss. Brush swatches are even worse and leave behind a ton of kick-back. I made a short video demonstrating a few issues:

Overall, this palette is a hard pass. I would expect these issues from a Dollar Store makeup product. Not from a high-end, well known brand like Cargo. Hopefully their other products aren’t going in the same direction. If so, the brand will be lost in the crowd.


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