Charming Charlie Haul

Charming Charlie, or as I like to call them – Charming China, is having a HUGE sale right now. I was in the area for a meeting and had an hour to kill. Like most women do with extra time on their hands, I went shopping. Unnecessarily. With the holidays right around the corner I thought I’d share my plunder.

Speaking of holidays, Charming Charlie has all of their Christmas jewelry out – though not on sale. I picked up one of the new statement necklaces they just put out that day. A huge, beautiful, red/white reversible necklace for $30. It has a nice gold chain that seems well made.

Charming Charlie Haul

Charming Charlie HaulThere was a 2 for $5 infinity scarf sale so I picked up this SUPER cute ant scarf and a colorful indian scarf with silver tinsel details.

Charming Charlie Haul

Charming Charlie HaulI fell in love with this turquoise beaded necklace. Since I wear a lot of black it’s a great pop of color. I plan on wearing this for  Thanksgiving Day.

Charming Charlie Haul

Charming Charlie HaulFinally, there was a 2 for $5 bracelet sale. I got these 2 for my daughters since they like hearts and opal.

Charming Charlie HaulI really enjoyed my mini shopping time and love everything I got. The prices were excellent, except for the first necklace, but I always get a thrill from a good sale. If you have a chance and have a Charming Charlie near you, pop in and check them out!

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Daily Nuggets:

1. I went to Costco the other day. I found several coupons on the ground and ended up getting Rotisserie Chicken, 18” cheese pizza, and 35 water bottles FREE! I also got 12 muffins for $2 and 2 pints of strawberries for $1.50.  These are the pumpkin spice muffins and they’re Delish!

IMG_1223_22. My Mom bought my daughter the cutest shoes from Target. A pair of black boots and a pair of cheetah Vans. Well, they look like Vans. They’re not “real” Vans.

3. I went to Starbucks for the very first time EVER yesterday. I got a small hot cocoa. Tooooo expensive!

4. This weekend I’m doing the makeup of a woman who is about to graduate from Cosmetology school. She does a great job on hair!

5. Dr. Who is playing right now on the Telly. My children can’t get enough. It reminds me of Bill & Ted meets Quantum Leap.



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