I’m going to be honest here, when I picked up this palette today in Walgreens, I wasn’t expecting much. Circa Beauty is a “middle-of-the-road” priced brand that has been around for a few years now. I’ve bought several pieces from them, but nothing in the collection has ever stood out to me enough to be considered special, Holy Grail material. So, when I opened the Circa Beauty Cinematic Eye Palette my expectations were blown out of the water. 

Circa Beauty Cinematic Eye Palette Review

The Circa palettes are $17 and available at Walgreens or Circa Beauty website. There are 4 palettes to choose from. I picked up the Blush Romance palette, which seems to be the most neutral, everyday palette of the 4. It has 3 matte shades – a light cream, cool-toned, medium brown, and a dusty grey. All 3 err’ed on the side of crumbly when swatched, but reacted perfectly when blended out on the eye.

The shimmer shades – 7 in total, are all soft and buttery. They glide onto the eye easily and blend out without much effort. Also, the shimmer shades chosen for the palette are demure, romantic, and not overly shiny, which will compliment more age groups in my opinion.

The 2 lightest shimmers are very similar in color, but the next one over is a pink champagne that is very attractive. On the bottom row, there is a smokey lilac, smokey tan, deep grey, and a deep, smokey purple that is nearly black. Honestly on the eye you cannot tell it’s not black.

Overall, I am very impressed with this palette and intrigued to buy more. It’s travel friendly, inexpensive, and seems to be quality I expect. I don’t think you can achieve a ton of different looks with this palette because they are all “smokey” cool-toned shades, but they are all beautiful. Is this palette life changing? Is the palette I’ve longed for my whole life? No, but when I can get this level of quality from 10 shadows at $17 from drugstore…start the car!


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