Summer makeup launches are my absolute favorite. The collections are bright, vivid, fun and brands really create products that consumers are looking for. Makeup innovation has never blossomed so quickly. It’s an exciting time in the beauty community right now.  Check out the list below of upcoming launches soon to drop in department stores, websites, and drugstores near you. Be on the look out!

MAC Cosmetics Aaliyah Collection: Launch date – June 20, 2018. If you were a fan of Aaliyah in the early 90’s, this collection may be right up your alley. MAC has created a 12 piece collection as a tribute to the beloved R & B singer 17 years after her untimely death in August 2001.

The Collection:

There will be an “AGE AIN’T NOTHING” limited edition, 9 pan eyeshadow palette. Some are named after songs she created. $32.00

  • Creative Copper
  • That Somebody
  • Princess of Soul
  • Gingersnap
  • Deception
  • Dance in the Dark
  • Lovesmoke
  • Magic Moor
  • Care 4 You

4 Lipsticks $18.50, 4 Lipglass $17.50, 1 Bronzing Powder $28.00, and 2 Lip Pencils $18.00.

Dior Backstage Collection: Launch date – June 15, 2018. This 7 piece collection is a set of makeup essentials in shades that makeup artists will covet. It features soft, dusty pastels, rosy hues, and warm neutrals for every skin tone. Prices range from $40 – $50 per palette.

The range will contain 1 brow palette, 1 contour/bronzer palettes, 2 eyeshadow palettes, 2 highlighter palettes, and 1 lip palette.

Sola Look Pink Ladies Eyeshadow Palette: Launch Date – June 16, 2018. Inspired from the Pink Ladies in the cult-classic movie Grease, this palette boasts ten eyeshadows, all with suitable quotable names: Too Pure, Blonde Pineapple, Summer Lovin’, So Pink, Electrifyin’, Peachy Keen, Heartbreak, Beauty School, Frosty Palace and Jelly Bean. $40.

Coming soon! Stormy Daniels is launching a fragrance on June 25, 2018. Yes, you heard it hear first and it’s called “Truth.”  It will be limited edition and in a rectangular glass bottle. Will you be purchasing?

Covergirl Peach and Chocolate Collection: Launch date: late June 2018. Covergirl is on fire this Summer! With their recent launches of TruNaked foundations, powders, and highlighters, I guess they felt like they needed more. This collection will feature peach and chocolate scented highlighters, bronzers, contour palettes, and eye shadow palettes.

BH Cosmetics Aurora Lights Eyeshadow Palette: $18 Launch date – available now. BH Cosmetics isn’t playing y’all! They are trickling out some major collections these days with pigmentation that will make you do a double take. The Aurora Lights palette features 18 highly-pigmented, baked shadows in bright colors.

Jaclyn Hill Morphe Vault Collection: $49 for 4 palettes or $15 each. Launch date: June 26, 2018. If you were a fan of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette (you know, the “limited edition” one) these are all the shadows that she didn’t choose for that palette. Each palette contains 10 shades and a mirror…yea! I’m gonna be honest here. These colors look BOMB!

Ok guys and gals, that’s all the launches that are making waves on my end. If you have some makeup product launches, please sound off in the comments. I will not be making a video today, since I will be on a business trip, but I will be back full force next week. Thanks for reading. See y’all soon. XO


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