Crest 3D White strips Professional Effects

So you are thinking about buying another box of Crest White strips? Before you spend another $35+ on a new box, you need to do some research. There are 3 different varieties of 3D strips and each one provides different levels of whitening power. Today, I am reviewing a product that I have purchased based on the strength I needed. PRO strength!

I am a former smoker and have tried many different products. Overall, I am in love with the 3D Professional Effects with the Advanced seal. They are expensive. Well, I guess that depends on what you think expensive is, but compared to going to the dentist and having them professionally cleaned, they are cheap. They cost $50 at my local Wal-Mart but I wished I would had researched prices because I found them for $36 on Amazon today.

I have worn mine for 2 days now and have seen a dramatic difference already. I am comparing the results that I have seen in 2 days to that of the 14 day Vivid variety. The Vivid white is still made by Crest but the whitening level is laughable for the price.
The strips actually do stick to the teeth which is a real plus for me because I absolutely hated wearing them when they slip and slide all over the teeth. With the advanced seal, you can wear them to the gym or to work without looking like you have rabies. Sensitivity is common but can be reduced using specific toothpaste for sensitivity or reducing usage of the strips to every other day.

Pros: White teeth, advanced seal technology, real results in a short amount of time

Cons: Price depending on where you purchase, tooth sensitivity


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