After seeing the DDK Lash Extension Mascara all over the internet, particularly social media, I had to give these a proper review. The price range for the DDK Lash Extensions are all over the place, depending on where you buy. They average between a $3 – $5 with an expected delivery date around 30 – 60 days. On the opposite end of the spectrum (which is where I fall in) $15 – $20 with 2-day Prime Shipping.

The packaging is very typical for a fiber mascara system – apart from the usual misspellings and grammatical errors from Chinese translations. The mascara, or grafting solution as they call it, comes in an attractive, chrome-silver tube. When comparing content amounts to USA brands, the average tube contains around 8.5 ml, while the DDK has 10 ml. That is a generous amount, if accurate. 

The formula for the mascara is somewhat opaque, but very wet. If you want the silk fibers to stick to them, it is necessity. The spooly has a nice tip that did not scrape my sensitive lash line. That is appreciated, because I cannot stand those hard plastic wands. Anybody else with me?

DDK Lash Extension Mascara Review

Before applying, I gave my lashes a good curl. I love the Tweezerman lash curlers and hold them up to any high-end curler out there. Once I was satisfied with the curl I applied the first coat of “grafting solution” quickly followed by the fibers. Not much difference was noticed on the first few coats.

BEFORE DDK Lash Extension Mascara

By the 4th – 5th coat, I could definitely see a difference. My lashes looked great! Fibers were ALL OVER my face, but none got into my eyes. They dusted off easily using a fluffy powder brush. You can avoid the mess all together if you do your eye makeup first, followed by your face.

AFTER DDK Lash Extension Mascara

Overall, the DDK Lash Extension Mascara was decent, but not something I would reach for on a daily basis. It didn’t give me the volume or thickness that Loreal Lash Paradise does, but I really enjoyed the length. If you find that you have thick lashes, but lack the length, you may LOVE this system. Other wise, I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it.

Thanks so much for checking out my review! 

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