As I sit here eating 2 packets of Raisin & Spice, instant oatmeal and pondering over the right words to begin this review, it hit me. The realization that I have a buying problem. This may or may not work in my favor when it comes to beauty “blogging.” By the way, who else hates that word? Beauty Blogging. Blogging. Blog. Ugh. From now on, I’m calling it creating professional creative-content in the cosmetic field. That would actually work, if I only I wasn’t writing this eating oatmeal wearing men’s Walmart sweatpants and 4th day unwashed hair. Beauty Blogging it is. I digress. Let’s move on.

So, while I was in TJ Maxx a few months back (I’ve been unable to go lately due to their renovations) I saw The Original MakeUp Eraser in an isle that it didn’t belong. It looked lost, lonely, and made its way past the checkout counter snug as a bag in a buggy. For $3.99 and with the word “ORIGINAL” in the title, how could I not. The sequel is never as good as the first.

Does it Work? Original MakeUp Eraser Review

When I got home, i immediately looked up the product online. It’s sold at Sephora and Macy’s for $20! Amazon has it for $19.95, even eBay couldn’t compete at $15. I got a steal, but only it it works. If not, well it would be a decent dust cloth or a bib.


The Original MakeUp Eraser is not new to the makeup world and has been around for several years. They come in a multitude of patterns now days, but my eraser is bubblegum pink. The cloth is incredibly soft, like suede that’s been broken in a few years. One side is a very short terry cloth, while the other side is a bit longer. Maybe 1/4 inch thread length. The size is quite generous. From edge to edge is approx. 12 inches in length, maybe a little more. Width is about 6 inches. Quality is ok. Nothing to write home about. It’s made in China, so there are some defects in stitching along the outer ribbon. This may be why I got it at such a low price.


Directions are easy to follow; wash cloth prior to first use. Do not dry. Dampen when ready to use and buff softly on face to remove makeup. It doesn’t indicate which side to use or what they are designed for.

Does it Work? Original MakeUp Eraser Review

It took about a week, maybe more, until I decided to finally give it a try. It’s the kind of product that you just don’t think about when it’s time to remove your makeup. I had to make a conscious effort to remember to use it. For the big review day, I had on a full face, including lashes and waterproof mascara. Loreal Pro Glow foundation, Tarte Shape Tape, liquid lipstick, the whole 9 yards.

While taking off my makeup, I hated the way this felt on my face. It kind of tugs and pulls, but let me tell you. It took off a lot of makeup. Bronzer, Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Highlighter – GONE. Eyeshadow, liner – also gone. Mascara and liquid lip? It looked like I just had a very rough night. By the time I got to the left side of my face, the eraser was FULL of makeup. Both sides – nearly edge to edge.

Final Thoughts: The hundred dollar question here is, does this product work? Yes, at least mostly. It’s not without its flaws though. Without using waterproof makeup, there is still some remnants left behind, especially when the rag is full of makeup. Smearing and makeup transfer is common. In other words, it’s not a one-step-and-done product. Washing the face with cleaners is still mandatory.

In all honesty, it’s easier for consumers and makeup artists to just use a Neutrogena-like makeup wipe and get it all done in a jiffy. It would remove all your makeup INCLUDING waterproof makeup in no time. You can follow-up with a light cleanser, but it’s certainly not required. This product doesn’t save time and is just another step in the process that really isn’t needed. This is why the Original MakeUp Eraser is a pass for me.

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