It seems E.L.F. has come out with a ton of new products lately! Every time I go to the drugstore there is something interesting that I want to try. I just reviewed their new Molten Liquid Eyeshadows a few days ago and couldn’t have been happier with the results. This palette retails for $8 at Walmart and provides 4 separate shades. 

E.L.F. Natural Glow Face Palette Review

ELF has come a long way since I first discovered them roughly 8 years ago. They’ve incorporated products that are on trend, higher quality, and their packaging has improved exponentially. This palette comes in a high-shine, chrome compact with a very large mirror inside. Although the compact is plastic, it still feels almost luxurious…in drugstore standards. I was very impressed. The compact does get fingerprints which may aggravate the “clean freak” in some, but overall the packaging is attractive at first glance.

Once opened, the top portion has a finishing powder that adds a light sheen to the skin, as well as a baby pink blush. The bottom portion has a baby peach blush and a warm-toned, matte bronzer. All 4 products are very subtle and will only suit the fairest skin-tones. Product quality is a mixed bag. The blushes are beautiful, but need to be built up, yet get patchy when you do. The powder is crumbly, accentuates pores and fine lines, but the bronzer works perfectly.

Overall this palette is a PASS and not worth the $8. The warm-toned bronzer is almost TOO warm for the clientele that will find the palette useful, yet the blushes will only suit the palest of beauties. The color choices in the palette don’t make sense. Instead, try out their individual blushes that are much higher quality, as well as their HD setting powder. The ELF skinny lipsticks are also fantastic.


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