Esqido False Lash ReviewIf you’re a fan of makeup, then false lashes is your next step to greatness. They can transform a look from “nice” to “wow” in 4 minutes or less. You tell me another makeup product that can do that! So, when I got my hands on the Esqido mink lashes, you know I had to test them out for y’all. What’s the final verdict? Keep reading my Esqido False Lash Review to find out.

Esqido False Lash Review

Esqido False Lash Review

Esqido Lashes are handcrafted lashes made with fine mink hairs (obtained through natural shedding) and adhered to a comfortable, lightweight cotton band. When I received these in the mail from their PR, I fell in love with the packaging right away. The box is sturdy, yet compact and has chic metallic rose-gold on the inside. I chose the style ‘Lashlorette‘ which has a rounded center to open the eyes and make them appear larger. That style best suits my eye shape. Find out which style fits your eyeshade here.

Esqido False Lash Review

The band is quite thick, but unlike cheaper brands, they’re easy to work with and apply perfectly to my lids using their companion glue. This was a pleasant surprise because I’ve heard mixed reviews on their lash glue. No problems on my end!

After my lashes were on and I took a overall look at myself, I was SO HAPPY with the way these lashes changed my face. This is what my makeup looks have been missing all this time. You cant achieve this from Ardell or Kiss lashes. The Esqido lashes add a chic, fresh, wide-eyed look that can’t be replicated. This has changed my makeup game. The lashes wore comfortably throughout the day with no issues and I stored them back in their box for safe keeping.

Overall, I am blown away by the Esqido lashes and I don’t think I will ever look at another lash brand. I was hesitant to agree to review them at first because I don’t like to use products made with animal fur.  After I researched the company’s stance on animal cruelty and humane policies, I was more than excited to give them a chance. Very glad I did.


    • Thanks so much for the compliment! The brand definitely has plenty of styles to chose from, that’s for sure. There’s something for everyone. 🙂


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