Evian Facial Spray Review

Facial sprays can play an important part of a makeup routine. They can set the makeup, help it last longer,  and create an ultra airbrushed effect. They are also a must-have addition to a professional makeup artist’s kit. The Evian Facial Spray claims to moisturize, refresh, and tone – but I found some other uses for this diamond in the rough product.

The Evian Facial spray comes in 3 sizes. The travel size is 1.7 fl oz is $5 – $7 and is approved for air travel. Mid-size is 5 fl oz or 150 ml is $12. That’s the size I have. Then, the super grande sized 10.1 fl oz is $17.50.

It’s a fine aerosol spray with consistent, refreshing mist that keeps you cool and perfects makeup.

Evian Facial Spray ReviewI tried taking a picture of the spray, but it didn’t show in the pics. This is a stock photo that show the mist.

Evian Facial Spray ReviewBesides the refreshing feeling, the Evian Facial Spray makes foundation flawless. I applied one of my foundations to my hand, then applied powder.

Evian Facial Spray ReviewAfter I spray, the finish is dewy and perfected.

Evian Facial Spray ReviewAnother use I found was for eyeshadow pigments. The pigment on the left was applied dry. It was powdery and applied uneven. The Evian spray helped in the texture, opacity, and length of wear. It also prevents fall-out.

Evian Facial Spray ReviewOverall, I was very impressed with this product in every aspect and look forward to a long lasting relationship. Evian Facial Spray has really helped with an impeccable makeup application.

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