How to get the perfect winged liner

Winged liner is flattering on everyone. It elongates the eye, makes them stand out, and defines the lashes. Achieving the look can be tricky for beginners, but this simple trick takes the frustration out of it. It’s called the “tape” method and it works like a charm. If you would like to see how to get the perfect winged liner, then please continue reading.

We’re going to start out with our eyeshadow *basically* finished. I haven’t added the final touches since liquid liner can be messy and cleanup would remove it anyway.

how to get the perfect winged linerGrab a piece of scotch tape (doesn’t need to be scotch brand) and remove some of the adhesive by applying to the back of the hand. The oil from your hand keeps the tape from pulling the delicate area around your eye.

how to get the perfect winged linerChoosing which liquid liners to use is really up to you. There are several different types to choose from and it’s personal preference. When I first started wearing liquid liners I found felt tipped liners to be the easiest. The short wand gave me more control and leverage. Now that I’m older and more experienced, brush tip liners and angled brushes are my favorite. Here are a few I have laying around so you can see the difference:

how to get the perfect winged linerFrom left to right: Standard Sigma angled brush, thin brush tip (Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Lash Booster), hard felt tip (Rimmel Scandaleyes), flat brush tip (Milani Infinite eyeliner), soft felt tip (Almay liquid liner)

You can also choose Gel eyeliner. Used solely with a liner brush, they come in numerous colors and textures. Most have great staying power and work superbly in the waterline.

how to get the perfect winged linerApplying the tape is easy. The trick is to create an invisible line from your bottom waterline up to your temple. That’s where you want to apply it. It you need to cheat, apply a long piece of tape from lower waterline to temple.

how to get the perfect winged liner

how to get the perfect winged linerNext, take the liquid liner that you chose. Start from the inner corner of the eye and trace across the lash line. It doesn’t need to be perfectly straight. You can fix that later.

how to get the perfect winged linerDrag the line as far up as you like. The longer, the more dramatic. Fill in any gaps along the way.

how to get the perfect winged linerCarefully remove the tape and clean up the outer flick with a Q-tip. This makes the line sharp.

how to get the perfect winged linerFinally, go over the liquid liner with a matte black eyeshadow and an angled brush. I used Typographic from MAC, but any matte black eyeshadow will work. Doing this helps the liner to last longer, prevents transfer to the upper lid, mattifies and perfects the look. It makes it look more professional.

At this point, add any finishing touches you need such as, blending, deepening the crease, adding more colors, etc. Finish off with mascara and you’re done!

How to create the perfect winged linerI hope this helps to better understand how to apply liquid liner. It may take some practice, but adding the “tape” method takes a lot of the guesswork out of it until you get more comfortable. Thanks so much for reading my How to Get Perfect Winged Liner Tutorial. See you soon.

Daily Nuggets:

1. I’ve been asked to be makeup artist for an upcoming movie filmed in Louisiana called “The Black Pills”. I should be starting in a few months! Very exciting and I plan on taking YOU along with me. If they don’t mind of course.

2. I recently purchase a new foundation (well, new to me) called Estee Lauder Double Wear. I don’t like it! It gave me a flawless finish, but was too drying on my skin. I plan on returning it tomorrow.

3. I’ve been using Almay liquid liner since I was 14 years old. It is still one of my favorite black liquid liners. When I wear smokey eyes, that is the one I choose.

4. My parents bought me a lovely birthday present. This lucite Vanity chair! I’m in heaven!

lucite vanity chair5. My Aunt Nancy requested this tutorial for her daughter Bella. So, I dedicate this post to her. Hey Bella!

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