Illumask Review

I made a trip to Ulta today and decided to try out these new Illumask Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging Phototherapy Masks. They are very reasonably priced at $29.99 a piece, minus the Ulta coupons, for 30 daily treatments.

Illumask uses light therapy as an effective skin care regimen. It claims to use light wavelength phototherapy to treat various skin conditions, including acne. Illumask makes it possible to achieve affordable cosmetic results at home.

I bought the Illumask Anti-Acne Mask for my daughter who has been having a difficult time with her complexion lately. She’s been trying out some new products but this may be just what the doctor ordered. This is what the Illumask Anti-Acne Mask looks like:

Illumask Review

My daughter told me she felt like a character out of Star-Wars when she wore it, but after the initial laughter she laid back, relaxed, and let the mask do it’s thing.

I bought the Illumask Anti-Aging Phototherapy Mask for myself. This one is styled a little differently and without the sunglasses. It has the eye protectors that you would use at a tanning bed which blocked the lights from my eyes. This made the experience very comfortable and relaxing.

Illumask Review

I plan on updating this Illumask Review post every 5 days (see below for final thoughts) to let you know how it’s going. I will also be providing a “before and after” of my daughter’s forehead acne progression. Here is her before:

Illumask before and after

**Illumask Review Day 5 Update: 2/11/2014

Illumask Review

Illumask before and after

We’ve been using our Illumask for 5 days now and while we haven’t seen any results yet, I feel that it is doing “something”.  My routine has been to use the mask right before bed. I lay quietly and relax for 15 minutes to gather my thoughts while the lights are on. After it’s finished I apply my facial moisturizer or coconut oil.

The light is very refreshing, like a warm Spring morning and it’s helping get rid of these long winter blues. It doesn’t put off any heat or UV light but the illumination feels very natural and calming.

If you has any questions, I’d be happy to answer! I’ll update again at day 10.

**Update 2/12/2014 – I just posted a new Romantic Valentine’s Day makeup look and while I was taking the pictures I could TOTALLY tell a difference on my under eye area! My fine lines are practically non-existent. So excited!!! Here’s the pic below. Say tuned for more updates on the Illumask Review!

Romantic eye look

**Illumask Review Day 10 Update: February 15**

Today is officially (UNofficially) day 10 for us. My daughter and I missed the last few days because of school functions and Valentine’s day but fear not!! I’m going to play catchup. I’m going to use it twice tonight and twice tomorrow night. Can I even do that? Is it safe? I’ll be a guinea pig and let you guys know. My face might be a little crispy.

I’m just kidding. Maybe.

I’ve been keeping with the same routine. Right before bed I pop this baby on and think about the men in Lord of the Rings. Gandalf and Gimli – Oh Baby! 15 minutes later I either fall asleep or get up and finish my facial routine with moisturizers and such.

I mentioned in the last update (after I completed the romantic eye look) that I could tell a difference. Usually when I’m uploading pictures I notice my flaws, fine lines included. This time the fine lines weren’t there. Interesting… Maybe it works faster on the small, superficial lines and takes more time with deeper imperfections. February 20 will be the next Illumask Review update including the catchups. See you then! XO

**Illumask Review Day 15 Update: February 20**

I’m alive!

I made up for the few days that I missed last week and had absolutely no issues. Instead of using the mask for 1 – 15 minute session, I used 2 – 30 minutes total. My skin is looking really great! My complexion is very creamy, healthy and glowy. I even got a compliment today!

My daughter’s skin has hit a plateau and I suspect it’s due to hormones. Unfortunately, I don’t think this works to curb hormonal eruptions.

So far, I really like this product and plan on purchasing another Illumask when these run out.

My next Illumask Review will be Feb. 25th. XOXO!!

**Illumask Review Day 20 Update: February 25**

Well, we’ve made it to day 20 and I will tell you, it’s been hard to keep up with. Sometimes life gets in the way and you just forget to use the mask. We have been consistent but it hasn’t been easy.

My daughter’s complexion continues to improve (especially her temple area) after a brief plateau. She has been a bit more resistant to use the Illumask because it interferes with teenage life. Once she started to see vast improvement, she was ready to get on with her life. I think if she quits using it her pimples will come back. That is motivation enough to continue. Here’s this weeks picture:

Illumask Review

I’ve been seeing small improvements in my face. Little advances here and there but I’m headed in the right direction. The pigmentation around my nose area has greatly improved! Also, some of the acne scars that were red have toned down and began to fade. I’ve been very happy with the results thus far and will continue to use the mask.

Illumask Review

My next Illumask Review will be March 2! See you then! XO

Illumask Review**Final Update** March 10, 2014

Ok guys, I have had some major technical difficulties.  A few days after my last update, my Anti-Aging mask stopped working. #Dead. So, I figured it was the batteries, NOPE. After a day or 2 of tinkering I gave in and went to Walmart to buy another mask. After 2 uses it stopped working and I returned it. This sucks so bad!

I might try to get another one but now that my days are interrupted I can’t give a consistent 30 day review. URG!

My daughter’s mask was fine. It worked the entire 30 days without a problem. She did get very tired of using it and only continued because of my constant nagging. 😉 I have seen a significant improvement in her pimples. Here are her before and after:

Illumask before and after

Illumask before and after

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed using the anti-aging mask. The light enhanced my mood and I do believe I saw improvement in my skin. For $29 I feel it is worth the money even though it stopped working on the last leg of 30 days. I have spent several hundred dollars on creams that claim the same but don’t offer these results.

I will issue a word of warning though. If you decide to buy one, do so at a store that accepts returns even after usage. Amazon, Ulta, Walmart, etc. ***Make sure you ask before you buy.*** If you’re paying for 30 days, it should work for 30 days- period. That is my only complaint on this product.

Thanks so much for reading. All illumask review questions will be answered.

XO – M


  1. Thanks for this review!

    I was just wondering if you had an update (5 day or otherwise) for the mask? Has your daughter been consistently using it? Has she been seeing results? Has she been using it consistently (every day?)

    • I have been updating it every 5 days which can be located at the bottom of the post. My daughter and I have missed 2 days but are making up the days by using it twice. I can definitely see results in her complexion but it seems to be a slow process. She does have flare ups from hormones and such, but it has calmed down a bit.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! Thanks so much for the inquiry.


  2. I am 43 and have been using the anti aging illumask but I also suffer with mild to moderate acne. Have you used both masks or just the one? Do you think it is safe to use both? I am starting to see results with the anti aging mask and would love to see what the acne one does for me.

    • I think they both use different types of light wavelengths. One uses Blue and red light (anti acne) which kills bacteria while the other uses light wavelengths similar to those used for jaundice. At least, that is my understanding of it. I think it would be completely safe to use both in the same day. Good luck!

  3. I’ve been using it for 19 days now. I’ve realized that my acne actually got worse after using it, and now it seems to be getting more clear. I just got a chemical peel done as well to hopefully remove hyperpigmentation from acne scarring. I literally think about my facial condition probably three hours a day. Have you taken any more recent pictures? I love reading success stories as they provide me with motivation to continue my regime.

    • I will be taking a picture tomorrow and posting for you. The acne has improved and I am really excited about that. My only issue with the mask is this…Is it worth continuing? That would be *no* and here’s why. My daughter got really tired of using it and only continued because of the review, and nagging. In other words, the improvement alone did not move her enough to want to use it on a day-to-day basis. I think it’s because she’s 13 and that is what 13 y/o girls do. She doesn’t want me to buy another one.

      Now that being said, someone else a little older may not mind using it and repurchasing every month. In my own opinion, if your skin is hyper-pigmented you might fair better going to a dermatologist. It might even be cheaper in the long run. I think a chemical peel was a great choice and a lot of people don’t know about them.

      I will say this about the mask: it doesn’t work with “cycle” acne. My daughter had a big flare up and it seemed worse for a few days. Maybe finish out the month and see how it goes. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

      Good luck to you XO!

  4. You don’t have to buy another one; reset it. Carefully unscrew the battery compartment and replace them, notice the configuration of the batteries. Remove the circuit board cover. Find a small wire I used a paperclip. Locate the copper wire on the circuit board and place your wire on the little silver diode, with the other end of your wire (paperclip) touch it to the reset (above, not below.) Now power on the unit, the counter will return to 30. It helps to have someone hold the wire while you power on. It may take several attempts but I did it. Be sure your batteries are in correctly.

    I’ve been using mine for 30 days, the only difference may be a brightening of my face, no wrinkle improvement as yet. Will try for another 30 days good luck.

    • I tried this method to reset my illumask, but it would not work. I then asked my husband to try since he’s been into electronics for many years, and he couldn’t get it to work either. I’d be interested if anyone has followed these instructions and gotten it to actually reset. We spent 45 minutes trying to reset this thing and we also found different instructions on other sites and nothing works! I wound up buying a new one, even though I do think it’s a little too expensive.

  5. I’ve been using the acne version for 21 days now and definitely see big improvement. I’m 41 and have ever NOT had pimples until now. I’ve seen such good results that I’m about to add the anti aging version to my routine although I’m a former smoker/tanning addict so I’m not expecting miracles.

  6. I’m 32 with 5 kids , my skin has been in bad condition acne , aging , redness , scars . I even did a face peel , but I only got really bad acne after . I bought the illumask for anti aging . And after first use I saw a difference , in my acne . Instead of getting cystic acne , they were shrinking and stopping . So I got the illumask for acne . My skin is improving so much . The redness is going away , my completion looks even :))))) my acne is still there but it’s not cystic . I still have a lot of uses and I’m on day 6 of it . Also I have dark circles and bags under my eyes and that’s improved !! Woo hoo ! I feel so much more comfortable in my skin I go out everyday without make up and that feels good ! I’ll keep u updated 2 :))))

  7. I’m currently on the third day of the acne mask and just wondering if your daughter used any acne cream after to help. I’ve been using a clean & clear moisturizer that contains a bit of salicylic acid. I would hate to be using the cream in conjunction if it’s going counteract the “process” of the mask. Thanks for your helpful review!

    • Hello! Thanks for your question. While my daughter was using the illumask, she was not using any acne creams. I started her on an acne medication a few weeks after she finished. That being said, I think it would be ok to use both in conjunction specifically the cream in the morning and illumask at night. Using the cream at the same time may create a barrier that the light can’t penetrate through.

      I hope this helps!

      • Was your daughter using anything to help moisturize her skin on her daily routine after she did the illumask. Or did she just use the illumask alone?

        • She wasn’t using anything else besides the Illumask. It didn’t dehydrate her skin at all, so dryness wasn’t an issue. 🙂


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