Kiss Impress manicure review

Over the last couple of years, I have grown to despise painting my nails. Decent quality polish is expensive and chips after just a few days. Who has time for all the maintenance and upkeep? So when shopping in CVS last month, I came across the $7.99 ImPRESS brand and thought I’d give them a try. Are they worth the money? Continue reading for the ImPRESS Press-on Manicure Review.

ImPRESS Press-on Manicure Review

When shopping for ImPRESS nails, there are a multitude of shapes, colors, and styles to choose from. So far I’ve tried 3 varieties; Square french design, Chrome Accent, and my personal favorite – Shocking Oval Edition. That style is the most natural-looking and flattering on my oddly-shaped hands. I love the high-gloss gel finish that stays vibrant the entire wear duration.

Prepping and applying the nails are super simple. The kit comes with multi-sized nails, a prep pad to cleanse each nail, and a small file for perfecting. Each nail has flexible adhesive already attached so application is quick and simple. Just pull the clear coating from the adhesive (shown below) and attach to the nail. There is no glue. It’s a quick, press-and-go process.

Kiss Impress Nail Review

I love the way my hands look with these nails and have gotten so many compliments. After about 2 weeks, I can easily take them off for a new set. There was no pain or peeling and my natural nail looks perfectly healthy.

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality and longevity of this nail brand. There are endless varieties and you can also mix-n-match styles for a custom, unique look. Apply the nails literally takes 5 minutes or less, which make it great for traveling or preparing for a special occasion. I absolutely recommend trying these out, if you’re interested. Check out the links below for buying information.


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