The brand Karity, started by Isaac and Sara Rami, is a new brand to me. Their story started by the simple realization that quality makeup that is both vegan and cruelty-free is just too damn expensive. By cutting out the middleman, this self-funded makeup brand was born. Their promise; to provide insane quality, on trend makeup at a price point every makeup lover can afford. I think they’ve succeeded – hence, this 15 pan peach-toned palette for $19.00. That’s roughly $1.26 each shade. A bang-up deal in today’s makeup world.

The packaging is adorable and I get Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette vibes immediately. It comes in sturdy cardboard with matte peach emojis from top to bottom. Once opened, you get a great quality, medium/large sized mirror. The palette is great for travel and has the shade names written under each shadow; as well as on the back.

Karity Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette Review

There are 15 shades total (as said before) and they come in 6 finishes. Matte, Frost, Satin, Velvet, Metallic, and Duochrome. I absolutely love the tones in this palette. From the pink/peach shade (Creamy) to the ultra-metallic shade (Om Nom) they’re colors that suit every skin tone under the sun. They also follow the same color story. Each shadow is uniquely cohesive with the next. That is hardly EVER accomplished in a palette of this price. I say that with passion and gusto.

There is also a wide variety of depth in the shadows so executing a complete look is a cinch. No need for grabbing backup palettes. Here is a brief description of each shade, swatches, and their finish.

❤ Shade Names:

  • Glow Up – metallic champagne with white gold undertone
  • Creamy – a creamy, baby pink/peach satin
  • Princess – ultra-metallic peach with silver undertone
  • Totally Sweet – ultra-metallic orange with yellow gold undertone
  • Yummy – satin raspberry pink with bubblegum pink undertone
  • Freshly Picked – matte light beige with yellow undertone
  • Cobbler – true rose-gold metallic
  • Warm n’ Fuzzy – matte hot orange
  • Delicious – orange/red metallic with silver undertone
  • Om Nom – berry/rose metallic with pink undertone
  • Atlanta – warm, mustard brown matte
  • Juicy – rosy mauve ultra-metallic with rose gold undertone
  • Organic – matte, cool-toned roasted brown
  • Sliced Up – ultra-metallic chocolate brown with peachy undertone
  • Fruity – matte, deep brown with plum undertones

❤ Video Review

Pigmentation is superb, has an amazing formula, and are pressed perfectly. From one shade to the next, the shadows are soft, buttery, and blend ability couldn’t be better. There were a few shades that came off slightly powdery with the brush, but still blended on the skin without missing a beat. Fall out was also minimal.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the quality of this palette and it makes me curious to try more from the brand. I’ve yet to experience a similar quality palette for the price and I’ve been reviewing makeup since 2009. If you are looking for excellent quality makeup, look no further than products from Karity.

If you’re interested in purchasing this palette or any Karity product, please use my link. Not affiliated. Everything on the site is on sale $5 off. Thanks so much for reading my Karity Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette Review!

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