Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail ReviewPress-on nails have been around for a very long time. When I was a kid in the 80’s, I would wear long, red nails scotch-taped onto my fingers and pretend I was Joan Collins from Dallas. I’d ride my bike around the neighborhood with a feather boa for hours and come home with no nails left. Occupying myself as an only child was crucial and probably weird to most. Anyway, times haven’t changed much and I still gravitate towards nails. Continue reading for the full Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail Review.

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail Review

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails retail for $7.99 and come in 13 designs, with 28 nails in each gel kit. They include a small nail file, long-wearing glue, adhesive sticky tabs, and a wooden cuticle pusher. For the most natural-looking results, I prefer the glue option over the sticky tabs. Application is easy and only takes 10 minutes for perfect-looking gel nails. If applied correctly, they claim the nails can last for up to 2 weeks.

For the longest wear-time, I find it best to clean the nail thoroughly with soap and water, followed by a good rub-down of 91% rubbing alcohol. This discourages bacteria growth under the nail. File the top of the nail slightly, then apply the rubbing alcohol again and allow to dry completely. I chose the correct size for my nail, then applied glue to the gel nail and my natural nail. Kiss Gel Fantasy Nail Review

I’m so impressed with the way they look on my nails. They fit the nail bed perfectly and look like a real gel manicure. Wear time will depend on activity. The first time I tried them, I washed dishes – submerging my hands in hot, soapy water. A few popped off the very same night. However, when I wear them with care, they have lasted 2 weeks easily. After that amount of time, they need to be removed.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails. I love the unique designs and colors. They offer short styles (my personal favorite), medium, and long nails. They also have stiletto styles for a fun night out. The first picture above was done after 1 week of wear time. They are still high-gloss and going strong. I’m hooked. Thanks for reading.


  1. I’m so glad you did a review about these nails. It’s crossed my mind on more than one occasion to pick up a pack and test them out. Now, I’ll get some when I go to Target, for sure!
    Thanks So Much!!
    PS: I Love Your Beauty Reviews!! You Rock!!


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