KISS Instawave Curler ReviewI received the KISS Instawave Automatic Curler in the mail a few days ago via Brandbacker and have been dying to try it. Since my daughters are home for the Christmas holidays, I thought this would be the perfect time. There are several automatic curlers on the market now, some good – some bad. Lets see how the KISS Instawave compares…

KISS Instawave Curler ReviewThe KISS Instawave is an attractive curler. It’s sturdy, well made, and seems like it would hold up well to the abuse of my teenage daughter. Big plus! The swivel cord is nice and long, approx. 6 feet in length, which leaves plenty of room for movement.

KISS Instawave Curler Review

It has a straight forward on/off, high/low switch. The hot setting is a VERY 420 degrees. It shuts off if left on after 90 minutes to insure safety.

KISS Instawave Curler ReviewAfter I turned it on, it took about 2 minutes to fully heat up on the high setting. Once it was ready, the light changed from red to bright blue.

KISS Instawave Curler ReviewMy daughter had just finished washing and drying her hair. It was still somewhat damp to the touch when we began. The left and right switch is easy to understand and the mechanics work great. There was no tugging or discomfort when the dial catches the hair in either direction.

For the first 10 minutes or so, I will admit that I struggled with this. For one thing, it’s a completely new type of hair technology that I am not used to. I’ve always used regular curlers or a curling wand to my styling needs. This takes a bit of practice and patience. Luckily, my daughter figured it our before I did. I’ll admit that directions are not my strong suit.

It is imperative that you use 2 inch sections and hold the curler parallel to the scalp. Once I did that, it was all working perfectly.

KISS Instawave Curler ReviewThe dial wraps the hair around the barrel for you, so there’s no chance of burning fingers. You can start at any length of hair, so short/med/long hair works without problems.

It gave beautiful, smooth curls even when I wasn’t sure I was doing it correctly.

KISS Instawave Curler Review

Now, this is a product that I can easily use on my daughter’s hair. On myself, I found it very cumbersome and time consuming. It will take a lot more practice to successfully create a look. I will work on this more and update in a few weeks.

For the $59.99 price, I’d say it works as good or better than similar, more pricy “automatic curler” brands such as the Instyler or Conair Infinity Pro. The KISS Instawave takes some time to figure out, but once you’ve got – you got it. I can’t wait to try it more!

If you’re interested in trying the KISS Instawave Curler out, check out their website:

Thanks so much for viewing! See you soon. xo

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  1. How did it work on the damp part of your daughters hair? Did it damage it and/or did it work? I am looking for a curling iron that can be used on damp hair.

    • It did curl is somewhat, but this curler is hard to use at first. I don’t think I could use it on myself at all. I didn’t find it damaged her hair form just the one use, but over time I’m sure it would. I think the Instyler (think it’s called that) can be used on damp hair. I would try that instead. 🙂 Hope this helps!


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