Makeup Geek Pigment Review

I held out for as long as I could. The Makeup Geek buzz has been around awhile and I tried to stay away but alas – I found 2 very special pigments that captured my heart. The shades are Liquid Gold and Utopia.

Makeup Geek Pigment Review

Pigments have 1.4 grams of product for $6.50 each on the Makeup Geek Website. The amount of product for the money is phenomenal.

Liquid Gold is quite a catch. It’s rich, creamy, extremely pigmented, and unique.

Makeup Geek Pigment Review

Makeup Geek Pigment ReviewCompared to other pigments from high-end to low-end, there are no others that dupe in color or quality. MAC Old Gold is the closest pigment I could find, but quality MAC doesn’t hold a candle to MUG pigmentation. The color reminds me of a burnt golden green. More gold than green though with a deep, molten bronze undertone. Just one swipe is more than enough so this would last forever.

I do notice that Liquid Gold is quite messy. There is no sifter or guard to ensure no loss of product. Utopia on the other hand has a safeguard, which I wish would have been included with Liquid Gold. Such a great idea to put on a pigment.

Makeup Geek Pigment Review

Makeup Geek Pigment Review

You can easily fit your small shadow brush in without making a mess or for more product, tip the cap upside down with your fingers on the hole. Utopia’s consistency can be a little gritty, so watch for fall out if applied dry but wet this pigment is a liquid metallic stunner. Below is the swatch: Utopia on the left and Liquid Gold on the right.

Makeup Geek Pigment ReviewFor reference, Utopia is similar to a shade from MUFE Star Powder Bronze Khaki. Utopia is a minky, grey with bits of starlight.

Makeup Geek Pigment Review The closest shade I could compare to MUG Liquid Gold is MAC’s Old Gold. MUG left, MAC right.

Makeup Geek Pigment ReviewI’ll be posting some holiday eyeshadow looks with these pigments soon, so stay tuned for those! I would highly recommend these pigments if you’re looking for something new and different, high in quality, but not a lot of money.

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Daily Nuggets:

1. Would you be interested in reading a post about products I regret buying? I have several to share.

2. The Walmart Savings Catcher (via the receipt scanner) has saved us over $12 so far.

3. I will be doing the makeup for Fashion Week 2015 in February! I will be posting pics and trends.

4. My daughter broke her wrist on Thanksgiving Day playing with her cousins. She asked me to post this picture that she drew.


5. L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints are on the way to my doorstep. They are supposed to be dupes for OCC Lip Tars but at a fraction of the price!


6. More Makeup Geek Pigment Review to come! Stay tuned for beautiful holiday looks.

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  2. How cna you say MUG is better than mac or that mac cant hold a candle to MUG!! MUG is not a sephora brand or a Macy’s high end brand!!!!! thats like comparing payless to an italian shoe designer. FYI MACs old gold is gorgeous. It is duo chrome. That liquid gold is just a dark gold. Nothing special!

    • In my opinion, Makeup Geek is a better quality, less expensive eyeshadow. The 2 pigments I’ve tried so far are great. Not saying MAC pigments aren’t good, because they are. I just prefer MUG over MAC due to price and quality. Plus, MUG is made in the USA. Thank you for your comment!


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