Makeup products for older womenAs your skin texture and elasticity changes from decade to decade, so should your makeup. That is non-negotiable. What works for someone in their early 20’s will not work in their 40’s. In this article (and video demo) I’m going to show you the best tips, tricks, and products that will transform your routine, without breaking the bank. Interested in learning about makeup for older women? Let’s get into it…

Makeup for Older Women

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#1: One of the best anti-aging secrets is to exfoliate often. Every day or every other day. The Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator is gentle enough to be used daily and sloughs off dead skin to make your skin glow. Exfoliating also makes foundation glide onto the skin with little effort.

#2: One of the biggest mistakes I see woman make is OVER moisturizing. It makes foundation and everything you place over it move around, sink into lines and wrinkles, and it’s nearly impossible to set with powder. Many foundations are meant to be stand-alone products. That means that it is formulated to behave a specific way without interference from other products. Instead of moisturizer, try 100% Hyaluronic acid gel. I am in love with Watt’s Beauty. I let it sink into the skin for 15 minutes before putting anything on top. This gives it the chance to plump up the skin without interfering with foundation formulas. At this point, I add a very thin layer of Elisha Coy Moist Up Moisturizer.

Note: When doing makeup for older women, you cannot conceal texture.

#3: Choose the right foundations for your skin. That’s right, I said foundations! As we age, our complexion changes. Pre-menapause and menopause can put your body out of wack. One area of the face may be very oily, while the other is very dry and vice versa. Using 2 foundations is KEY to achieving the perfect finish specifically for you. It’s the Suzanne Somers of makeup. Click the demo video and I will show you exactly what I mean. Lancome Teinte Idol and Renergie Lift Foundations are brilliant, but I have a few drugstore alternatives in the video.

#4: When it comes to youthful looking skin, concealer can be your best friend or you worst enemy. Drying concealers, like Tarte Shape Tape or Urban Decay All Nighter, are great for covering pigmentation, but accentuate lines and wrinkles terribly. 😬 In the video above, I will show you the proper way to apply concealer for YOUR skin.

#5: Do not “bake” or add a ton of powder under the eyes. It ages you! Baking is for people in their early 20’s with no real wrinkles to speak of. For the rest of us, try the Lancome Absolue Radiant Smoothing Powder. It has a subtle luminosity that doesn’t look heavy and gives life to the skin.

#6: Light bronzing is a must. Once your foundation and concealer are done, you will need to add depth and dimension back to the face. A light dusting is all you need at the high points of the face where the sun would naturally hit.

#7: Blush solves everything! Adding a gentle flush brings life and vitality to the face. Perfect placement is key. The “smile” method no longer works because the apples aren’t in the same place there were when you were 20. Place the blusher brush on the bottom area of the cheekbone and blend upwards gently.

Thanks so much for reading my Makeup for Older Women. Those 7 tips will bring your makeup game up to PRO levels. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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